The definitive guide of Symfony 1.2

Chapter 4. The Basics Of Page Creation

Curiously, the first tutorial that programmers follow when learning a new language or a framework is the one that displays "Hello, world!" on the screen. It is strange to think of the computer as something that can greet the whole world, since every attempt in the artificial intelligence field has so far resulted in poor conversational abilities. But symfony isn't dumber than any other program, and the proof is, you can create a page that says "Hello, <Your Name Here>" with it.

This chapter will teach you how to create a module, which is a structural element that groups pages. You will also learn how to create a page, which is divided into an action and a template, because of the MVC pattern. Links and forms are the basic web interactions; you will see how to insert them in a template and handle them in an action.