The definitive guide of Symfony 1.0

Chapter 7. Inside The View Layer

The view is responsible for rendering the output correlated to a particular action. In symfony, the view consists of several parts, with each part designed to be easily modified by the person who usually works with it.

  • Web designers generally work on the templates (the presentation of the current action data) and on the layout (containing the code common to all pages). These are written in HTML with small embedded chunks of PHP, which are mostly calls to helpers.
  • For reusability, developers usually package template code fragments into partials or components. They use slots and component slots to affect more than one zone of the layout. Web designers can work on these template fragments as well.
  • Developers focus on the YAML view configuration file (setting the properties of the response and other interface elements) and on the response object. When dealing with variables in the templates, the risks of cross-site scripting must not be ignored, and a good comprehension of output escaping techniques is required to safely record user data.

But whatever your role is, you will find useful tools to speed up the tedious job of presenting the results of the action. This chapter covers all of these tools.