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Las mejores características de CanIuse.com que puedes utilizar hoy mismo

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hey buddy let's get that right okay hear me good alright so i've mentioned i'm alexis de birria I work at Adobe but i also am the creator and maintainer of the web compatibility site can I use com so in this talk I'm first going to talk a little

bit about the site for those of you unfamiliar with it and then I'm going to talk about the top features listed there that we as developers can start using today so basically in 2008 that's around the time when I love different web browsers we're

starting to implement different new specifications html5 css3 that kind of things and as a web developer I thought it was really cool the neat kind of experimental things that we're really starting to appear in these browsers but I wasn't able to see

exactly what was supported where and there were existing compatibility sites that had information for like older technologies and that was nice but there wasn't really much out for the things that were appearing in the latest experimental bills and back

then you know it would be like another year before another browser would come up but they were starting to show all these cool prototypes so I thought it would be useful to just have one resource where you could look up this information so i decided to make

one in two thousand nine that's when i launched site called when can i use so the idea was to have a quick overview to support see the support for the different web technologies but also to see exactly what web browsers we're kind of holding the web

back because as I'm sure must be no especially in that explorer was lagging behind in supporting the cool new stuff and it seemed like a good opportunity to also visualize hey there's a lot of red here in the IE column be nice if you guys would do

something about that which actually they have over the past years especially I 10 is looking great so we're coming back the site grew from there at first there were just a couple of features and then I made it more interactive and let you sort on different

categories and things like mobile browsers started with just desktop browsers as you can see here this is just a screenshot from what I would like in 2009 and so it's been really a good experience working on the site and updating it for me personally at

two because it forced me to keep up with the latest technologies and learn a lot about the latest web tech has been really cool so here's what the main site looks like today there's as you can see there's the lists lots of different features in

different categories and here's quickly what one of the support tables looks like i will go to bit more detail later about what the different kinds of things are that on the site so why would you be interested in kind of used aside from just putting up

support so it's got support information for 130 plus features what it's up to now html5 css3 SVG different API is different file formats it's all client-side web technologies and provides a good quick overview of basic browser supports so features

are either as a pair on the site they're either supported partially supported or not supported so there's not just looking at the tables it's good for just a quick reference to see if something supported or not but there also you can see the known

issues which is like a list of bugs that people may have sent in as well as links to other resources for example we got this references polyfills and blog posts related to each feature so even if the you know if you want to know part of the support for a certain

feature you can look at those to find out more that's all so you can see this the percentage of users with supporting browsers so even though you might see like a lot of green on a table if it's a feature isn't supported by like the major players

or the major versions then that doesn't mean much so you can see based calculated based on the stat counter data what percentage of users approximately supports a given feature and the number one priority of can I use is to keep it up to date with the

latest browser versions especially since chrome and firefox are on like six week update intervals so what I do is every time I find out about a release I run it through my test suite and see what kind of information or what kind of things have changed since

the last version and I try to update it with in like 24 hours so that you can know that whenever you bid it can I use com or get information from there you know that the latest information is up to date and because really easy on other websites for that kind

of information to go still so that's something I tried to even if i don't have already have time to add like the latest features keeping it up-to-date is the number one thing a couple of other things can i use except support from the community by github

so on github you can see JSON files that and that have all the data for each feature and anybody is welcome to modify this or you know add Corrections or add links or add bugs and in fact you can also add new web features there and a couple we'll have

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