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Ejemplos reales del uso de HTML5 para webs móviles

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okay thank you alright so here I would like to talk about actual use cases and scenario html5 for mobile the mobile phones okay again yeah my name is too mami tomoe mimura and i'm also known as integral eMac on Twitter actually I've been using this

handle for a long time like maybe 16 17 years online so I'm a front-end engineer and with a mobile focus and currently working in an okiya as html5 evangelist also at the open web platform advocate and I've been working their body or actually less

than a year and before joining nokia i was actually a developer at Palm webOS platform if you remember in a previously I was in yahoo yahoo mobile and i was in charge over m.yahoo.com and yeah I love cats I'm a big cat person and yeah I love care so much

and I turned them into HTTP status you drove over sin of it because he went viral like what's crazy like as soon as I posted online actually tweeted it went viral and my name is like all over even including CNN some Oscar oh wow I mean in the web page

now it's kind of cool okay let's talk about mobile so in a mobile phones I mean smartphones it's been really like evolved since and well obviously I don't even have to talk too much about it like the long time ago there was some yeah engaged

in gaming forum people call a taco phones and it was like a one of the smartest smartphone I would say maybe some people don't want rivers but but it was really awesome form back in the time but it was seen a tiny and processor and memory screaming so

small and then nowadays you know we have really nice phones fast you know Snapdragon processor sir big memory displayed so like nice and crisp clear and it has high pixel densities and such and I devices yeah even the phones you know as good as I would say

it's better than the computer desktop computers used to be so when we talk about mobile actually using a picture of a jellyfish here katana you know the jellyfish has a funny life cycle has a mobile state and sessile state yeah so that society it it's

not really taking a goat or anything small like a zoo all us go in like a biological term that I'm familiar with because I have a background of biology and I used to you know work with microscope all the time at the lab but for whatever reasons now you

know I'm dealing with mobile phones and writing JavaScript all the time so I don't know what happens me your life you know so um so on a compared to when you're stuck they don't computer at home or work you know that expect the computer is

that you know the mobile experience can be really different from the desktop experience obviously and some high-level the user scenarios on a mobile can be texting yeah communicating so the inputs of course making phone calls maybe I am could be tweeting and

reading maybe news while you're waiting up on a train or maybe you're on a train you're probably reading something to kill the time and you have larger like tablet devices you probably read a magazine or maybe you have kindle reading books and

playing games yeah that's a one that in the most popular activity on mobile phones and taking photos if you're taking photo of yourself oh you snap and taking snapshot wherever you go maybe applying some fancy filters and tweeting away and locate him

that's another interesting things you do mobile like locate yourself maybe Sarge point of interest nearby and of course you might be looking at directions and maybe finding the nearest train station maybe you like checking in at the restaurant and I full

scores and such Oh could be paying something like maybe paying for a cup of coffee or actually writing a subway train if you have like nfc-enabled home and probably not in this country but this picture is actually in Tokyo Metro Animal thing of course listen

to music verizon we're taking notes that can be interesting and you can take note by you know the typing or could be the boys maybe you need using camera input to do that I like chat video calls like skype and maybe you are using some AR you know the augmented

reality it's like scanning OCR or could be like you know the real time translating it's a lot of interesting things you can do so can we create those like services so like apps using web technologies like html5 so yeah we already have stuff like you

know um your schemes it's really like old school and we have a phone like a long time ago when we're talking about like back like XHTML MP by OEM in such stuff is still rocks no it just like mail to you can just use tale SMS it just you know creating

capable yeah created in some tap about phone numbers and such it's really useful and locating geolocation being around a while and has a really good support and on your mobile phones yeah the new phone can probably detects your location by using actual

gps gps satellites or who could be gsm and cdma a cell tower commensal IDs or maybe using the Wi-Fi base stations and can be you know like a GPS like a sister gps is software-based it can't be any of those and again another another thing you can do everybody's

probably already doing it's like supporting various screen sizes devices using like CSS media queries and yeah this is something i could really create a huge buzz like in last year like you know the coin determines the responsive web design and that can

be really useful if you are creating some content based in on the web pages and suchlike publishing so when you have some magazine apps newspaper up media clayworks probably nicely for you and who layout and CSS flexbox they are grid it's coming and yeah

that would create really nice in a magazine like lay out and touch events for interactions could be offline storage and for like 2d gaming's you can use canvas again touch events in audio api's or if you are not using canvas more like Dom scripting

I mean don't based gaming which we can probably using a CSS animations and transforms could be multi player gave me with WebSockets and I said 2d gaming's because I'm 3d you know using like web GL might not be quite ready or maybe it is already

but it just excluded from here ok so um last year around this time actually about the money ago and debris 3c announced an industry-wide initiative called core mobile web platform community group and call mob cg for short to help improve them all the web so

that our goal of the coop I mean goal of the commo is to accelerate adoption of the mobile web as a compelling platform for the development of modern mobile web applications and in order to achieve this mission that lcg brings developers and equipment manufacturers

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