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so we get started I know we're a little late but eggs it's fine right but take off my shoes or else it's gonna sound that guy had high heels on as I go across the stage so welcome everybody really excited to be giving a talk this early in the conference

my last two conferences I was in the last slot on the last day i hope there aren't new speakers mess up he right now in the last slot on the last day of some conferences is reserved for me as a speaker and for everyone else to be checking out of their

hotel room so I'd love actually having big early and having this many people room and one second here because it needs actually given up going guys give me more fun if I move around very good oh yes cool so Who am I us saw the clean up this morning so

I do the symphony documentation that's my primary thing I'm also a writer for the cable University com tutorials how many people have heard of camp University for good so fifty percent of you are voting for me actually being good at marketing the other

fifty percent they're probably actually more accurate we're going to check it out we have lot of good stuff there unless I'm really proud of most importantly right there yes I am the husband of much more talented lost all power because i recently

well that's fine except the bag hutch oh you guys this cool what's gives me the opportunity to plug in my computer anyways because even though that was not my computer that just turned off it was going to eventually so she plug in and that was my lovely

wife Giuliana was up here prisoner so everyone say hi liana perfect and on a hangout for seconds Oh so you guys are missing some of my I'm actually I'm just gonna keep going this is it we're going to get the power back on probably um especially

towards the end there actually some things I want to show you guys on the screen but for now i will just described my slides to you so first thing is i'm going to borrow a word from david's okie was the nice guys sitting out at the roku desk out there

so please go talk to him the word is ephemeral is a feminization it's difficult even for me as an English speaker ephemeral ization which is something he talked about at the symphony conference actually in London and the federalization was introduced by

a guy named R Buckminster Fuller which is some guy in the 20th century who is sort of a philosopher futurist and he dreamt about what the future might look like and he had an awesome quote which I will read to you now since you can't see it on my screen

and he said we will be able to do more and more with less unless until we can do everything with nothing and it sort of makes sense we know as we have more tools it allows us to do more and more things and at the same time a lot of those tools make things

simpler so we can do things with less and less time and I actually have a math degree so if we take this to the infinite degree in both directions then eventually we can do everything with nothing and that's the dream of technology right that's a really

amazing thing to think about so let's think about if federalization in terms of measuring things measuring distance so first one a measure distance we used a ruler right and this is very simple and we can measure things only up to a certain distance though

because if I need to measure something that's one kilometer that I need a ruler that is one kilometer and that would be very difficult to fit into a room or fit into my car so it has a short coming it's very simple but we can't do much with it

so next thing is we had instead of a ruler we had a kind of like rope with a measurement on it so something we could coil up and take so this we could actually measure further it have this rope and we could extend the rope maybe not a kilometer but maybe 200

meters or something like that so this allowed us to do more but still couldn't do as much as we need it because for example if you take a rope over a long distance it starts to do this right instead actually when you start to lose accuracy so we can't

do as much with it as you want to so next thing with measuring I have to follow my slots even though you guys can't see them they're beautiful by the way liana healthy they're really something post them online afterwards so next thing is we get

the I remember what they're called the picture is worth a thousand words these surveyors you know are at the side of the road we're looking through things measuring distance we have certain machines so all of a sudden we can measure as far as we can

see so we can measure a lot further and in many ways this is this will sound wrong initially this is a simpler machine than before because all you need to do if you have an advanced one is certain look through something and it's going to tell you the distance

it's going to say that thing that your point of that is 150 meters away now it should seem more complicated right because you're thinking well this involves mathematics this if it's a new machine it involves computers it probably has a microchip

inside of it but there's a difference between complexity and visible complexity so what they've done with that is all of the complexity is something that's inside of the machine it is complex but the visible complexity is much lower for me as a

user I could just point this as something and it tells me the distance so to take this one step further now we have or basic well we have the technology with GPS to basically see as far as we want so I could have an app on my phone or some device like that

it's going to actually use satellites to figure out the distance between one spot another and all of a sudden I can measure as far as I want I can actually measure even though even as the earth curves I can measure it from point A to point B and this is

infinitely more complex there are satellites there were shuttles that needed to blast those satellites into space but to perceive complexity the visible complexity is actually much less I can just open up something and say how far is it to that point it just

tells me um so my last example this is actually since I stole the word from david and he works at roku is actually grow through itself rope it was something that takes a platform as a service for deployment and of course the complexity behind Miroku is incredible

their use Amazon they use all these services many servers across many different availability zones we all know that kind of stuff but for us as developers the actual physical visible complexity is actually lower it's actually very easy to deploy so if

we think about let's think about the phone like the iPhone or an iphone app the authors of the authors on such a programmer authors the creators of the iphone or an app for the iphone they want to help you do more with less unless is not necessarily about

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