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Desplegando aplicaciones Symfony como un profesional

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thanks for coming to my talk I'm going to be talking about deploy minimal Symphony applications my name is Pablo I live in the US Miami more particularly I like saline take the cell the elephant for for a saline span you can't find me on twitter if

you want to say anything about me or my talk you can say it now I'm not going to be able to reply but I'm from Virginia Argentina originally we take barbecue very seriously so this is our barbecue and this is a another one recent on one one of my trips

I'm working for a company in the u.s. called lighthouse guidance systems we develop software for the education system we use seem funny angular on a lot of other cool technologies so if you are interested we are hiring so come find me later so we are a

little bit different I'm so I'm going to try to hurry up because there is a lot to talk about so deployment wikipedia says that software deployment you solve the activities that make a software system available for use so anything that you need to

do to make your software usable by your users that that belongs in to the deployment part it's very important part of the light the life cycle of the application but to me is is critical a lot of people start developing the application design the systems

and everything and then they leave the deployment stage for the very last thing and then they find out that there's problems they need to change the application they need to change the number of servers etc so it's very important to start thinking

about this from the very beginning so it should not be an afterthought ok you should start line early about this it should be predictable you should be able to start your process from the very beginning do all the tasks that you need to do and by the by the

time the process finishes you should be able to have a new version of your application running on your servers and if something goes wrong in the middle of that process it should stop before I actually changing your system your your production systems and

the more you do it the better it goes okay if if in your company you deploy a new version every couple of months every even every month it's going to be a big deal it's going to be a big event that you need to plan you need to have everybody at the

same time etc it's if you do it I weekly daily even many times a day then it becomes part of your daily routine and I mean things are going to go smoother so I'd like to put some tweets here there's here guys saying that we should not deploy in

Friday's okay I mean if you're doing it every day why not fry this why not Saturdays okay so someone else reply saying okay there are seven days a week you should be able to do it any of these days and then someone else said we deploy many times today

okay I remember reading an article about github and they deploy a thousand times a day it's quite crazy but they do it so when things go well you have time to enjoy life and you goes can go sailing to a place like this and by the way this is a pool in

a resort in Chile okay I haven't been there but it's definitely on my bucket list so nowadays we have a lot of this company is called pass platform as a service which they help you not worry about the platform so you can open an account with them you

deploy your software and everything runs quickly so the first thing you need to do with one of these services you need to open an account with them then you're going to be creating your application if you use something like github or git repository you

push the code and then by configuring the service the platen platform as a service provider magically deploys your Europe your application of your website and everything runs without worrying about a lot of things so for example Haruko is one of these companies

and I think they they got it right there they're one of the latest to enter the pitch me market but they are getting it right they they check your repository for a composer JSON file and if they find one they say okay this is a PHP project so I'm whenever

I'm deploying this application I need to install PHP I need to do a series of things but they go a little further in the gin the composer Jaso file you define you can define what PHP version you are going to use you can use HP 5355 etc and they even support

hpm of hug and then in the proc file that it's another text file that you need to create in your project and there you define which web server you want you want to use nginx you want to use apache etc and a series of other configurations for your application

so then you run cuckoo create this is going to create your project into their servers it's going to set up a git repository where you can then push to this repository and when you push heroku loads the project finds the composer file is going to install

PHP and then it's going to run composer to install all the project dependencies and when it keeps running when he finishes is going to package your site your application into a file and then is sent to the all the servers that they have so by the time

this finishes it deploys your application on boom you have your symphony site running on their servers very easily if you start getting more traffic then you can issue a command to increase the number of web notes that you need at cetera there's a lot

of things that you can do with this and that's it you just deploy an application easily any questions we are done with the talk so now I guess there is a lot of people here so I should continue so there is a man there's many buds what if the platform

is not flexible enough for your needs what if their prices are too high for you what if they don't have servers in the region where you need your users to access the side there's many web but so let's check out how we can do the employment on our

round in any provider kind of trying to do the same things that they do so let's look at some goals so the first thing we want to do is we want to do one click deployments we need to be able to start our deployment process very easily by clicking one button

and a web page or by running a command in in our terminal then once we can automate that we can start doing continuous deployment where we hook our deployment process with a with a continuous integration server or a testing server and every time we push new

code we run all our tests and if everything went out okay then we can deploy our application automatically we should be able to do it anytime and anywhere okay whether you are in bathroom you are traveling you are on vacation on the beach if you have an internet

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