SymfonyCon Madrid 2014

Conoce Sylius, el proyecto de comercio electrónico para Symfony

Paweł Jędrzejewski  · 


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okay so in this talk i will introduce you to Silius e-commerce and the goal of this talk is really to not teach you how to do you see this because it's very hard to compress the whole history and architecture and everything in 43 minutes so i just want

to get you excited i want to convince you and maybe give you some tips on how to convince your bosses or management to move away from in-house or existing solutions and basically be a brave early adopter so my name is Pavel NZXT i started the project around

2011 this is the time where when at the first bits of code where wheaton i also co-founded a company called blacken where we do basically everything related to see loose so we build applications from scratch i do consulting and training for teams who want

to use to this technology so what is serious um Silius is ecommerce platform for PHP so obviously it's based on symphony but I avoid wart web shop or a shop because it's well it can be used as a basic shop that you see every day or use every day for

shopping it's it's basically a foundation which you can use as it is a but you can but most of the time currently are you build your own system on top of that so it's a platform um few numbers to give you some perspective on what we are doing and

what we have achieved so it's over 160 code contributors from small patches to haul bundles and how modules series together with the components has been downloaded over half a million times there's over two and a half hundred people translating into

different languages um I can't wait to wrap up the whole work that they did it's been running in production for some website it's been almost two years now of course very early versions of the bundles and so on it's thousands of man hours invested

into improving it and putting the architecture developing new features fixing bugs and so on it's also combined experience of everyone who was at any point in the time involved in this project and I mentioned that because it's important to realize

they realize the amount of effort that goes into every open source project paid sinfulness ilyas even the smallest libraries because often people like the safe zone so they like to stick with the existing solution which works for them and they do business

with it or they also want to develop their own solution from scratch and I think I think by now everyone should should be aware that in-house solution can be only better than then open source if you open source it early enough it doesn't make sense to

build your own in-house solution especially for e-commerce because I don't even say that you must do students it just use what is in the market if if you don't want to go to symphony so first question why new e-commerce in the market we have magento

we have other solutions which have like most of the market um this picture may be a bit of an overstatement but I think the current solutions represent the old PHP so the old PHP way of doing things they are monolithic so you if you decide to go with an existing

solution most of the time you are stuck with the whole platform so you can't pick the things that you like and use them you have to go with the features that were implemented and by the creators and contributors they're often untestable or test immune

name it like you like they are not developer friendly and that's really important because let's let's take some fun as an example the difference Vincent only one and symfony2 is huge it's like sick release of symphony towards like a groundbreaking

change and anyway people enjoyed working with symphony of course like any project there were some problems some annoying things but people generally likes in fun and enjoyed working with it if you look at the e-commerce market there is so much hate going on

towards existing solutions people are frustrated and it's it's not a rule that if project is is on the market for a few years it's there is no rule that it has to be hated by by the people it means something it means that maybe at the time of building

the product developers were not a concern it was about putting more and more and more features for the business um and this is one of the reasons for for for that I believe there is a place for new e-commerce in the market because I think quite a lot of you

work at some agencies and basically imagine that you start your new year with WordPress project you build some application on wordpress then you move to Symphony to some custom application custom development and then you need to go back to some some of the

let's say old PHP war it's like getting back from holidays it sucks so you would prefer to stay on this cool island which is which is sinfully it basically Symphony set some standards for us and when you discover how good Symphony is how pleasant to

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