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Abstrayendo el sistema de archivos con Flysystem

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right well I don't everybody thanks for coming here during this time I know the dirties in the other room so kind of competing towards that for your time there right now in order so they've got it as a little bit more pins that I so thank you for coming

here who am i I'm Fred I'll be complaining about all systems big and so of course you get you like it both of you what I'm going to talk about today's basically this what is the process of abstraction the thought system extracting the score

is a way to excellent file system that allows the storage engine to become an implementation detail i'm going to explain this further on in the talk so if you don't get that fully that's all right so there are several topics there me when addressing

this time and first I'm going to tell you what flyball systems are that I'm going to tell you that how to use file systems then we're going to remove from organizers to remote and then we're going to use a file system a stretcher so first off

what is the file system and the first couple of slides in this presentation are really really based things like most of the things that are going to talk about you probably already know to some degree but it's good to level the playing field so we'll

are on the same page and you know exactly what we're talking about so we're going to create some countries so what is a file system but basically it means most purest form it's just structure and logic so if you have a disk which we come to refer

to as file systems and what's under this it's just a ball of data and if we look at that data we are gonna have to read it all and in one go and we don't have really had a nice way of work but and so you need a way to wrap your head around what's

on that is so we use structure in the form of folders and files and we use logic part as well so you have a way to address some parts of the file system in event most commonly referred to as files and directories so if you like that what consists in apostasy

it's basically at least three things and they're kind of correlated as well but of course we have caused we're talking about false return if we will set directories you have for meta data but like metadata is like good modified time and what's

the file size are what's the mitotic fun so if you look at what's common in these metadata sections we have a couple letter clickable for both directories and coupons and that's things like the locations and pass this is in part it's not like

your file system is this big pile of file set on each other but we use an abstraction which is a small system to address certain areas and we use concepts like directories and like false and file names for that to be able to point it what we want to dress

and then we've got false assumptions like multiply time or access time whatever kind of time sense you that you get and and then tell you certain things about the house like when was it created when was it last updated these are things that we like to

know what like to anticipate and then you've got things like permission and ownership like if I had a house somewhere who can use it is it publicly available or is it just for me you want to be in control of that and then you're good follow specific

things so and I told this is our blood Montag file size but also the contents like in a way contents is only a part of the file so it's actually at the same level as the rest of the matter really is and because we now you know parts and stuff like that

you can also derive information from that so and in peace be with function back info probably everybody here has usage to some degree get an extension of power to know how to handle something and but it gives a wide range of like new derived information so

it's like file named a stain extension the dear angel in what directory is it and then my track and well it doesn't supply the my pepper that's another that you can get so if we look at file system structure and it basically boils down to these

two setups and on one end you have nested a nested file system and on the other end its linear and who in here is used Esther well if you use history you know about linear processes is that is a little bit file system every part is just will be that they're

so mrs. file system this is what we were used to like if you are linux and you open your browser or in our mac and your finder or you're on windows that you use whatever windows people use to what files I don't know don't musical and so that's

that's what reduce you like we created cancellation so fast so we can look at it and reason about it in a more easy way we don't have to think about all the files in the context so if we go into a directory receive files when you see more directory

but the context is limited that allows us to to be more precise about what we're inspecting you don't get everything that's wrong with them so that houses but then on the other and we have linear power systems and they're all like you keep

telling the story so it's if you've got a file system that is based on something like lettuce or Manhattan something like that and they do require a different pros because they're not structured in the same way as nessa file systems are they do

have files but they actually don't have directories everything is full box so directions don't said so concluding to that we can pretty much say that directors are me it don't really exist so that would let me know what file systems are we can

use them we could use five sisters and we can perform various operations on things like prides read copy files delete files royal sorcerer a person's but if you do this in PHP and it sometimes is kind of a pain and I'm going to complain a lot about

how PHP how this in turn very well some of the things are just great like using bobby Atlantis it's super easy you can register online which is a big win but it also has its downsides so if we look at some vanilla peach be these are basically that person

that you can perform on them so we write and read delete the power inspect your file like you get the mind is modified time or we get the mime type and we first had an easy way of doing that but that's not difficult so now we have to use an object for

it so at the info class instead the arrogance with a fallen foe my type crag and we need to locate a file or whatever and then we get a pint at back so here it already starts to become a little more complicated than just random functions and because the mime

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