RubyConf 2015

Sesión en directo corrigiendo los errores de programación en una aplicación Ruby

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- [Voiceover] Welcome to BikeShed Live, with your announcers Adam Keys and Evan Phoenix! - Good evening. Good evening, everyone. This is BikeShed Live, welcome-- - Not related to the Podcast. - to this event. - I wanted to get that our there. - Apparently yes, there's a name for everything for this.

We were going to do a play-by-play, that's also a thing. So, this is BikeShed, it was also a thing. - It was gonna be platypus, that was also a thing. So, we're running out of names. - All the words are taken. So what this is, is we're gonna have three people on stage pair programming.

Three people pair programming, One of them will be able to tag out at any given time and what we are gonna do is provide a sports play-by-play style broadcast narrative, some commentary, maybe some constructive criticism. - Probably not constructive criticism.

- and some outright, just insults. And we're just gonna have some fun with it. - Absolutely, lots of fun. - There will be some audience participation at some point almost certainly. - There'll probably be stretching at one point in time. - Yeah, there will be stretching, maybe dance routines, we'll hear from some of our sponsors, other things.

- Really excited about our sponsors tonight. - On the BikeShed MBC network. And so we'd like to bring out our coders today. Hailing from beautiful Seattle, Washington, you might know him on the internet as that guy with the cats and the keyboards. It's Aaron Patterson! Welcome on stage! He's a first year coder out of Red Hat Software.

Previously of AT&T. Has a really solid career in fixing all of our bugs. A lot of our security bugs. He's done some really great work there and in the community. Big community player. - Big community player. Great beard on this one too. - His beard work is really strong.

- Very strong. - Really strong. Really nicely, he's keeping it clean though. - Absolutely. Next, our next participant, victim, hailing from state, Ilene! - Ilene is a second year developer out of 37 singles in Chicago. She hails from upstate New York and is also fixing many of our bugs and making our things quite fast.

- Quite fast. - Just unbelievably imperceptibly fast. I can not even. - Did just that happen? - I've tried, hundreds of milliseconds. I've tried to like, react that fast. - I carry like a long piece of wire a hundred milliseconds just to visualize it. Yes.

- Yeah, you got, yes. It's so hard to know. - It is. - And finally, wrapping out our stellar team from Cornell University, it's Mike Parem. You might know Mike. Go, yes, please. - [Both] Round of applause. - Let's, I need an extra chair I realized. I'll get that in a sec.

- Mike, Mike Parem is the monkey in the middle. He works on Sidekick, which you probably use in your application. He also maintains the dolly nimcash gem. So Mike is all up in your infrastructure making that really nice. Really great as well. So as you might have noticed, we have, we are pair programming with three people.

What we're going to be doing is that we'll be having one of them tag in and out basically at random. We're just going to make up the rules as we go as to whether someone is tagged in or out. - Put a lot of time into prep for this, can you tell? - If you in the audience feel like someone should tag out, you know, just yell.

You know. Be nice about it, but you know. Let us know. It's all audience participation. And that's basically the rules. I believe what they're going to be working on today is a Fallout solver. So in this game Fallout 4, there are puzzles, minipuzzles in the game where you have to hack a computer terminal.

It has a bunch of words on it. And you have basically a limited number of guesses to figure out which word is the password. You do it by trial of elimination. Every time you guess, it will say you got three letters right or you got two letters right. So as I've played this game, I've sat there trying, studiously trying to hack these terminals without dying in the game thinking it is such a waste of my time that I sit here manually solving these puzzles instead of writing a program to do it because I'm capable of writing a program and I should.

So that's what they're going to be doing today is writing me a program. - Let's do some quick pre-game interviews. Mike, how you feeling about this match up today? - Not really strong. - Not strong? No, not strong. You haven't been practicing this week? - I have no idea what I'm doing up here.

- Okay. You're in good company my friend. - Ilene, how are we feeling today? - I was feeling a lot better before we had him on the team. - This should make for an interesting match up. - There's a lot of drama in the locker room this week. The press conferences were very tense.

Very tense. Lots of speculation on the fan sites and in the media. Bleacher Report had a very damning interview with the coach earlier this week. - And Aaron, any last words before we begin? - No. - Always one for brevity. - Well now we know who our-- - Increase the font! - Lynch.

- There you go. - [Both] Now we know who Marshawn is - On the site here. Okay so, let's let them go ahead and just take a second to get set up. Part of this whole thing is not just us entertaining you which hopefully we're doing that sufficiently. But also to be able to watch some people pair program and to kind of learn from them a little bit too.

So let's just take a second while they get stuff set up. If it's very important that you see this screen. So if you can't see this screen right now. Are we having a hard time seeing it? Anybody want changes to it? Color, sizes? Bigger? - The bike shedding has begun.

Truly. - So let's bump it up font size at least. - The editors that I don't like to use are Emax, Pico. - So this is actually kind of an interesting thing that we're looking at here. - How do I keep from swearing on stage? - You don't. Just swear away my friend.

We're all adults here. No, there's not, there are actually not adults here. Now that I'm reminded of myself. - There's a minority of non-adults. - Yes. - So-- - Who just got back from Disneyland, so go easy. - Yeah. You know, this is actually a very interesting point to look at in the evolution of some code because we have-- - They have just reversed the color scheme! That is a real pro move.

- Yeah, what a-- - Presenters. Not a lot of people know what's going on when that happens. - This is that we've got some third year developers here. - And I just, is there something wrong with this food that I just ate? Why did the colors-- - That big enough? - Just completely shift? - [Voiceover] Turn off the spell checks! - So we've got the empty files which are always a place, a scary place to be at the very beginning of a project so let's see how this plays out.

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