RubyConf 2015

La satisfacción de construir cosas: dando el salto del software al hardware

Christopher Sexton, Leah Sexton  · 


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- All right, well, thank you. Welcome everyone for coming for our Hardware Hacking. It's so easy a grown up can do it. Can you see everything okay? - Yes. - All right, so, are you ready to get started? - Um, (mumbling) start with a joke. - We're supposed to start with a, why? I don't think we need to start with a joke.

Why should we start with a joke? - If we don't, then the audience will get bored. Yeah! - All right, so let's start with joke. Oh, I remember one you told me. There was one, uh, how many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? - Zero, that's a hardware problem.

- Let's try another one. I think this crowd can go a little nerdier. What exactly is a cue? - A cue is a letter with foreign lines behind it. - I can tell who the especially nerdy ones were, they laughed first. - Hi, I'm Leah. I'm in 4th grade. I really like gymnastics and I like to build things with my dad.

- I'm Chris, I really like watching gymnastics. I like building things with my kids. Um, I work at a company called Radius Networks. We build all the things (mumbles). And we happen to be hiring at the time and work in this great big building in Georgetown in D.

C. And when we talk about full stack there, we talk from rail services all the way down to printing circuit boards. But today we are gonna talk about building stuff. What things do you like to build? - TARDIS's. - TARDIS's? OK. How many TARDIS's have we built? - Two.

- Two, all right. Isn't that a little bit too many? - No. - No? But what else should we build? - How about another TARDIS that actually works? - You saying my TARDIS's don't work? - Yeah. - I think they work just fine. - Well they don't travel in space and time.

- Fair enough, they don't travel in space and time. We're gonna need something a little more than a (mumbles) to make that work. So a little background first, when I was her age, I used to watch these shows on the Discovery Channel where they would take students and they would build contraptions around a (mumbles) you could drop off a building.

And I remember watching these shows and then talking like that was engineering. And that was basically my reasoning behind going and getting an engineering degree. It was because I thought we were gonna build paper contraptions to throw off the top of roofs.

So for a long time I've liked to build things, and I found it a lot of fun that now that I've been doing this and have kids that are doing it along with me, it's just a lot of fun and very rewarding. So we like to build things, and I think this is important.

One of the things about building things is it sets you aside from a lot of the other people out there. You remember that guy, that guy that drew cartoon boxes? - Oh, Why The Lucky Staff? - Not stuff, it's stiff. Yeah I know it doesn't maybe make as much sense, but Why The Lucky Stiff had a great quote.

He says, "When you don't create things, "you become defined by your tastes rather than your ability. "Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. "So create. " Let's build some stuff, all right? - OK. - All right. - So let's build things. - Does sound kinda hard.

- It is going to be hard. You will get stuck. - Yeah I think most people get stuck at one time or another. - You will need help. - I know I need help. - You will break things. - Have you ever broken anything? - Yeah. - Yeah. - Um, you won't die. - Most people do.

- Hopefully it'll be a while. - Not related to our (mumbles). All right. - What's the worst that can happen? - OK, before we talk about that, I want to tell you a little story. When we think about the worst thing that can happen, back when your mom was in college, she got a car that had one of these, a stick shift.

And she didn't know how to drive it. - What? No! - I know, I was, I'm just as surprised as you. But despite how good she is at driving stick now, at the time, she couldn't, so we went out to a big empty parking lot and like way in the back where there's nothing around at all, I had her step on the clutch, put the car in gear and I told her just take her foot off the clutch.

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