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[Keynote] Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto, creador de Ruby

Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto  · 


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so I'm gonna introduce a man who needs no introduction which seems odd but I'd also like to do a couple of things one is in the previous years we've actually done kind of like sit down fireside chat mats and I for a QA because he mats is doing

his keynote at the end this year we're kind of gonna do the more traditional QA so we'll have some handheld mics and we'll kind of do some line ups on the side for people who want to ask questions I've got some questions already seated in the

old noggin if no one gets up to ask questions but I really would love for y'all to stand up and actually ask questions so towards the end as meses finishing up all they'll have some volunteers out with the mics and you could you'll find them to

sort of be in the aisles as per usual and the other thing that I would like to do is give Matt's a little present so so a long time come Rubeus who's actually not here this time just coincidentally is Bruce Williams he actually did all of the design

for a long time for for Ruby conf and he recently started a very strange hobby recently he started gem cutting for fun which is like you know he wouldn't really wanted to just hunched over a diamond bit for 14 hours of the time staring at a tiny little

rock basically but he loves it and he wanted to make Matz a ruby and so he did he sent it with us and he wanted he would buy he asked me if I would presented to Matz on behalf of his a present from the Ruby community so look the plan originally was to have

a nice display box we actually didn't have time to get the display box so we're still working on that and we'll get that to mats I might I'm actually gonna be in in Japan in about three weeks so I might bring it to him then so it is an it isn't

it it is an actual Ruby you know Matt's if you'd like you can show it off to people later on don't lose it Bruce Bruce said that he was he was hunched over his machine for 14 hours at a time cutting it was very it's a very hard rock stone to

cut so I wanted presenting with that been wonderful having you here Ruby come so it feels like we were doing these forever now and we love we want to keep doing them so it's a we thought was very nice present and now without further ado mance you thank

you for the prison hello and that's with the first timer raise your hand first time over the conference right yeah may we have many the first time out of the conference yeah food food firstnet meets up so my face in Rio you know face to face so yeah somebody

yeah some yeah nice to meet you meet you good to see good to be here I'm Yukihiro Matsumoto or Matsumoto Yukihiro in Japanese and of course you don't read this and I had a the name in my Chinese characters then this is my name in Chinese characters

there but you know these names are pretty difficult to remember you know so just call me Matt I'm Matt I'm a father of four children and a dog at the motorman so some yes some often treat me like a demigod or something like that but I'm not in

reality and the creator of the seniors maybe you don't know that better this is simulated reality like the matrix so in reality we are living like that no really but I am nice at least I am trying to be nice but of course I sometimes get mad so I feel

trying I'm trying to be nice but I feel something anger so that being nice and anger the conflicts in my mind sometimes the anger is a very problematic or troublesome emotion so the lolly wall who is friend of mine and the creator of the pro language like

this this guy once stated three virtues of a programmer now the first the three version of a program the three virtues the laziness impatience and hubris laziness means the quality that makes you got a great effort to read reduce overall energy expenditure

it makes you write labor-saving programs that other people will find useful and document that what you wrote so you don't have to answer so many questions about it this is laziness impatience the anger the anger you feel when you when the computer is being

lazy this makes you write programs that don't just react to your knees but actually anticipate them or at least potential and hubris the quality that makes you write and maintain programs that other people won't want to say bad things about it so the

laziness impatience and hubris all related to the anger so these three virtues makes you a good programmer so the anger itself is not really a bad things sometimes so controlled anger is a good things sometimes so it's it could be a source of motivation

so you can is safely feel anger if it's kept inside of you so anger the publicized anger is infectious so if you feel anger so your neighbors tends to be feel anger too so that is kind of the source of conflict war or troubles so yeah and and the good

news is niceness also infectious so the nice being nice is Ruby's great virtue so we often use the term meanness Wong so that's that's what Matt is nice and so we are nice and then they made sticker like this I might look like that yeah I often

use these kind of the animations after though so but I'm not an inventor of miniature on the concept of innocent was embedded by this guy did you know he's a Martin Fowler who is the famous for the inventor of the refracting and the microservices and

many other concepts and he also invented the concept of the mean so on so the and I like these tabs not only because it is a kind of interesting term but at the same time the doctrinal session sounds like a mean a sound in Japanese which stands for everybody

so Venus everybody be nice together each other is the greatest virtue of the Ruby community I believe yeah actually I will wreck the conference this conference just because you know everybody was so nice not only because I'm a creative the language but

you know do we you know it's kind of like a feel same nationality on the real nationality made dear friend I haven't sitting on the jack the country of Japan and then maybe you guys have from United States Europe from the other countries or even from

the space maybe but but in spirit we are belong to the same community and the same nationality the geek community geek National League nation so I'm the creator that would be the under lead designer will be the recently I listen I work less than less for

C Ruby but I still make decision of the language the behavior and aspects so I'm also the lead programmer of M Ruby which we have several sessions in these conferences like a embedded Ruby for embedded devices and embedded in applications so the my recent

news is last week we have released there will be two point three free me one No and we will this will be two point three on coming Christmas yeah as a Christmas this Christmas me yeah we are not yeah T community unless something bad happens yet we have done

many things since the last release of two point two so highlights will be the way we are several methods including M&R we all gravy gravy which stands for the great minus V so the non UNIX people will confused about that but the minus V option invert the

behavior of grape so the using the ANOVA all the gravy so finds the elements that does not match to your pattern right so we also added the hash with the fetch values so you can extract the values from the many multiple values from hash so it's kind of

a strict version of hardware that we also added the numeric positive and negative which behavior is very obvious so we added the hash comparisons so they're less than equal less less less than less equal are greater than equal and greater operators but

are not spaceship operators just because they are not comparable in a sense of say you know numerix we also added the hash to proc method which is go like this so that means that hash can be a treat as a map in real map you mean mapping as in the block block

parameters I also added the the the juma gem as a default so the Jimmy means so if sometimes you make a typo or name error so the Ruby interpreter gets your intention then ask you the did you mean size or you you made this right or something like that so just

like Google does it's a it's a small step toward a crab out of that programming between man and machine anyway and we have added the frozen stray little pragma which is that we can add a magic comment to say all the strings all the string literals

in this file will be frozen so the in this example a call ABC that the string ABC will be frozen so you cannot modify it so you don't have to make a copy each time it evaluates so that the modifying the string will be error so this is kind of income incompatible

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