RubyConf 2015

Creando un robot autobalanceado con mruby

Yurie Yamane, Masayoshi Takahashi  · 


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- Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, we are not Killoy and don't sing a song. Killoy is not here, but we would like to say heartily, we are very happy to talk at RUBYCONF again, and to say thank you to give us a chance. Domo arigato! - The topic of discussion is robots.

And there are many robots in our life. Now, we can buy giant robot on Amazon Japan. And some robots drive bicycle. This is Yamaha's robot called Motobot. Motobot says, "There are probably some things in this world "that only I can do. " This is Motobot by Yamaha.

And Motobot drive a bicycle. The bicycle is not modified, Like this. Okay. And some robots are like smartphones with projector. Let's introduce ourselves. - My name is Yurie Yamane. - And my name is Masayoshi Takahashi. - And today our cat is our mascot. Unfortunately, he cannot travel by air, so he stays at home during this conference.

Yamanekko has developed applications and developed tools for mruby just for fun. We will show you two type of robots. The first one is Lego Mindstorms EV3. In this session, we would like to talk about self balancing robot. Do you know self balancing robot? It's also called inverted pendulum.

Self balancing robot has a mass located above its pivot, pivot point. This causes the robot to be unstable, so it is a demonstration of (indistinct session). In this session, we'll make a self balancing robot in ruby. Do you know the machine? Yes, it's a Segway.

Segway is one kind of self balancing machine. (Indistinct speech) in Fukuyama University, in Hiroshima Prefecture. Hiroshima Prefecture is right next to Shimane Prefecture, my town. This area is called Chugoku and Shikoku area, or shorten it to Chu-Shikoku area.

At that time, I have been in Fukuyama, Fukuyama University as one of the staff for the Chu-Shikoku Regional Competition of the Embedded Technology Robot Contest or ET Robot Contest. The actual name of ET ROBOCON is Embedded Technology Robot Contest. The contest is to develop the advanced skills of embedded technology such as modeling, designing, and developing embedded systems.

ET ROBOCON is one-make racing style contest. All robots have the same design hardware. In this contest, we use two style of robots. The robots (indistinct speech) is called EV3way. It has two ways to move: gyro sensor to balance, light sensor to trace black line on the ground.

EV3way software shows three languages: C or C++. C#, and Java. And this year, we can use mruby with EV3way. So, we made mruby-ev3rt to use mruby on ev3rt. We can get the code we have. Unfortunately, we cannot bring the ev3, so please watch this movie. The movie is taken on regional competition in Chu-Shikoku area of ET Robot Contest this year.

The red light on the robot is an infrared sensor to trace the black line. A light sensor will take the robot through the course, and down, right, or left, on the line. - The robot's course is around the black line, tracing lines. Okay. - We are going to explain how ev3 works.

At first, we introduce ev3rt. Ev3rt is one of those developed in the TOPPERS Project. TOPPERS is an acronym for Toyohashi Open Platform for Embedded Real-Time Systems. Toyohashi is a city located in Japan. And the name of association with Toyohashi University of Technology, when the project was started.

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