RubyConf 2015

Cómo labrarte una carrera profesional exitosa como programador Ruby

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all right does anybody here know how to play guitar or sing that's essentially like being asked if anybody here knows how to fly a plane does anyone know how to fly this thing all right thanks firstly to the organizers to Arnie Miller we are going to have

some fun this afternoon we've had some requests yeah sorry y'all know stairway denied I can't talk I gotta go don't call me back I won't get the door got to focus on the job cuz I got a new job climbing the walls I was grinding my teeth

I was wasting my youth and using up my teeth it got so bad at my job and I got a new job climbing the walls too much junk too much jock can we please clear out this house in the trunk in the trunk then we'll take it all to the dump then we won't need

a car cuz we'll stay where we are and I'll have all this room I got tired a piece on the floor sick of it all I'm done with the floor walked away ever since I got a new job crying in the walls I was grinding my teeth I was wasting my youth and

using up my teeth now I'm done pacing the floor sick of it all I'm done with the floor walked away ever since I got a new job climbing the walls the deep end the deep end people talk a lot but they don't know they pretend they pretend they don't

really know how deep it goes now I misunderstood thought the walls were just good for staring blankly yet I got tired of pacing the floor sick of it all I'm done with the floor walked away ever since I got a new job climbing the walls chewing my nails

hanging my head chasing my tail got so bad I quit my job then I got a new job climbing the walls got a new job climbing the walls got a new job climbing the walls good afternoon you will be surprised to learn that that went better than last time so so thanks

again to Ernie to the wetware track it's all very exciting we're gonna have some fun this afternoon I know there's been a lot of talk lately about Back to the Future but I just want to clear something up I have been obsessed with that movie to

a point where it was added to the dsm-5 so to be congratulated on that my name is Brandon Hayes I'm to Viking on Twitter I work at the front side where we try to make nice software for people ruby is my first language my first love but you'll have

to accept my apologies it's all going to be an ember j/s today so so for some bona fides it's awesome to be in San Antonio that's my first visit to the Alamo since I was a young kid I actually descend from somebody who died at the Alamo I don't

really know the history of the whole thing but from what I understand there was some sort of dispute over squatter's rights so my problem isn't really so life-and-death right even if they do keep me up at night so why did I just play that song well

to do that I'll tell you a little bit of my story not a lot of it but I had a bumpy transition into coding from the start of 2010 to the end of 2013 I worked at seven different workplaces and this song haunted me after six months of working somewhere I

start regretting my job decision and after nine months or so I would just peace out but I'm not really here to tell you my story and I'd probably tell it to you wrong if I was so I do remember tweeting these lyrics periodically about six months in

as this sort of like existential scream but not so much that my boss would read it and fire me all right so we're giving people pretty bad advice this is a real article let's read this nothing early in your career is more important than achieving success

and nothing signals success more than working for a successful company achieving success I don't know but that sentence makes me want to flip this whole podium over my brain won't even let me parse this without exploding what the hell is defining success

all right so I've got some bad news like really bad so brace yourselves achievement and success are a system of control win or lose you are playing somebody else's game they set the rules they define success they manufacture the trophies and you run

the race and we're made to believe success and Happiness are tied together in some way when really they're completely orthogonal unrelated concepts but who cares if it makes us feel good to go chase and get those trophies why does that even matter

well because the other half of this bad news is that the world doesn't care if you're happy it just wants your output they want what they want on time under budget they're not evil there's being pragmatic success and achievement are defined

by people trying to maximize your output and minimize the cost of getting it from you and whether that makes you happy is completely irrelevant if that makes me sound like a fringe nut job I don't blame you but did you know this Starbucks is new red cups

our mind-control devices planted by the government to distract Twitter while they put fluoride in your orange juice think about it so whether my theories sound bananas to you or not bear with me and let's set aside the notion of success and achievement

for the next few minutes and we'll wipe the slate as clean as we can and pretend like we're starting our careers over but first we need to get a foundational concept out of the way and that's leading versus trailing metrics leading metrics are

like a gas pedal and trailing metrics are like your speedometer you want to go fast but a gas pedal doesn't control how fast you go just controls the flow of electrons or gas and then you observe the speed later leading metrics are things you have some

control over like hours work conversations you have the code that you delete the value that create are things you publish trailing metrics are things that you influence indirectly but actually care about they measure output things like your income titles your

recognition or influence in the world alright enough heavy stuff let's play a game so here is anybody here from New York okay how fast is Little Mac running right now so I'm guessing like 140 here to be able to cover Manhattan at this rate so that's

pretty good he's in boxing shape I'll work up to it all right so how to play the game we're gonna set up a base line we're going to tweak some leading metrics and then observe the trailing metric metrics that pop out we're gonna fast forward

time and see what happens to those trailing metrics over a period of time so the stats are your baseline they're pretty much the way that we're wired there's three main areas of focus technical skill connection and vision there are a limited number

of slots for these so we have to choose carefully technical skill represents a strong desire to achieve technical goals solve puzzles level up teach others just do high quality work connection is the desire to connect new ideas to real-world applications often

relying on the other people to produce results while providing some guidance vision is the desire to achieve something that hasn't yet been done it's the difference between the way the world works now and the way it could work in the future so think

of these three stats as the layers of abstraction that people generally like to work at technical skill is solving problems at the computer level connection is solving problems at the people level and vision is solving problems at like a societal level so

once we set up our skills we'll pick our inventory which we have more direct control over the first item is leverage that's how well you understand your current value basically somebody needs something that you have the second item is ambition which

is believing that future you has capabilities that current you doesn't you yet have the third item is education which is the investment that you plow back into yourself and the fourth item is community impact this is the amount of investment that you make

into making things better for other people with no expectation of return the final inventory item is dedication which is the time and focus that you plow into the previous four items so that's the formula let's boil it down do these things and you

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