RedDot Ruby Conf 2014

Técnicas para desarrollar aplicaciones Ruby con más seguridad

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hi am very pleased to be here today it's also my first talk at a ruby conference so thanks especially you know the first time you speak and the next speaker is aaron its kind a little bit terrifying but well I try to do my best so I'm Christophe you

can find me on Twitter and get up I come from Belgium a tiny country in europe between netherlands and and friends and we are known to like beers and chocolate and in fact i like beers and chocolate we have a lot of different beers and different chocolates

because i think we do the best chocolate in the world I bring with me I think more than two kilos of chocolates so after the Aaron talks what I propose is that you come by me say hello and take one piece of chocolate and taste what we do quite the best in

the world Belgium is also known to do some absolute things very efficiently like a previous government we need it more than twice the time than the IRA keys there they have need to build their own government was about 550 days and well we did pretty well with

uh you know just resigning government we succeeded to to have very good economical a result since more than 10 years so you will see at the kind of country we are I'm the co-founder of poor review so it's an automated code review tool for Ruby it's

presented like that if you don't know we can talk that up afterward talked at the party for instance basically the idea is to give you feedback on your coat so you can know how to improve it and today i would like to start not with a software story but

with a story from my wife drove she has every day she goes to job two with one goal which is korean conquer and she's a medical physicist and she like to place with big machine so this kind of machines the the ID is two to beam some electrons and photons

in order to to put energy at a certain place in your body so it looks like that you have different beams and the idea is to deposit some amount of energy on the Conqueror so you can burn it and eradicate it so the problem with that it's that you have some

side effects like a truly body you deposit other energy so you can bro under the skin and organic tissue you can induce other secondary cancer so something that you need to take care of it needs a lot of people for one patient it's about three nurses one

doctor while medical physicist it's very complex and you need to use complex program to calculate the doses of energy that you would like to to deposit on the canker it's long it's not only the treatment but it's also the diagnosis the measurements

to position it correctly the Persians on the machine to to check if everything goes well and so on and because of all of that it costs a lot just for one treatment you can count between three thousand dollars and fifteen thousand dollars just for one treatment

that means that if you do one error you can have an ineffective treatment you can have some casualties like running like secondary cancer it's costly and time-consuming to fix their errors you can break the equipment the machine that means that at the

end you you will make the people busy to fix the rarer are to fix the machine and finally you cannot treat other passions and other cancer so it's very important to try to do less possible arrows that you can so she has an engineer she tries to do her

best and her best is to catch arrows as earlier as possible and to mediate the risk to do error how she can do that for instant she has to check if the machine is working correctly so on the left you have a cube of water it's a good model of the human

body and they do some measurements to check if the machine beams correctly and so we have the correct energy so when you use a machine you know that it's correct you do also in vivo measurement so during the treatment to put some diet on the body of the

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