RedDot Ruby Conf 2014

(Minicharla) El programador Ruby nómada

Grzegorz Witek  · 




Extracto de la transcripción automática del vídeo realizada por YouTube.

hi my name is Gregor my superpower is resistance to alarm clocks and my talk is about traveling the world and being a nomadic programmer so within the last six months I've been traveling around the world I've been living in hostels and I've been

working part-time as a ruby freelance developer and today I want to share with you free lessons that I learned during this time let's go back in time a few months ago I had really well paid job I had cool team that I could learn a lot from but after some

time I started burning out I basically stopped enjoying my work instead of taking a break I started pushing harder and long story short I ended up being totally burned out I was considering giving up my developer career and I didn't know what to do with

my life so what I did was I quit my job i bought the ticket to the furthest place on earth which if you live in poland is New Zealand and I went there with basically I went out with basically no plans and no idea what I'm going to do so lesson number one

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