RedDot Ruby Conf 2014

(Minicharla) Configura tu entorno de desarrollo Ruby con Vagrant

Shuwei Fang, Arathi Premadevi  · 


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shwe from starbucks and I'm Marty from thought books and we're going to talk about development environment setup with vagrant so let me give you an example from my own experience some months back I was working on a large-scale application in a part

of a very big team and we faced three issues predominantly number one what walked on my computer didn't work on my friends computer and number two the qas always complained that we are giving them broken code and number three the project manager started

losing trust on us why was this happening the project was very big which means we had a lot of external dependencies lot of dependencies means Lord of versions which means the permutation and combinations of these versions and Didi's dependencies means

potentially every day every developer can have their own unique development environments for example someone used Apache someone used engine eggs I'm sure you get the picture so what we wanted was one development environment which can be repeatable and

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