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Desarrollando una página de estado con ActiveSupport::Notifications

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yep cool Radio my cloaking just waiting on a clicker which will eventually get but first a public service announcement I and matt & M ops guy which means I look like this guy and I live in the server room but that is not something to be feared now the

other opinion of ops people it's this guy mr. grumpy now why ops people consider to be grumpy well the truth is we care a lot about your code and we want to make it run well and the best way to make your code run well is to constantly talk with you guys

and be in communication now we have a bit of a bad reputation in that we're considered untouchable and just unapproachable there is a good solution to this and it is beer oops people like beer we can be very easily bribed with beer and if you think that

we unapproachable and friendly just come up and say hey need your advice here's a beer let's just have a chat so on to the doc active support notifications and live status pages go I'll switch back to the pulpit okay cool so to begin with let me

tell you a story you're gonna like my slides it is a monday morning and you're in the office early you decided yep I'll just get in there start the week off well get through all of your emails and you manage to do so you're on top of everything

and it's awesome sadly though things are about to conspire against you because of this guy the boss is there and he just comes up to your desk and goes well I'll showing this side to investors and it seems that all's running a bit slow so i'm

going to need you to stay back late all this week and get it fixed this is how you respond pretty much no information as to what he was trying to do and no leads whatsoever so how do you get this problem solved you can start off by looking at things like New

Relic skylight numerous other things that will actually give you some insight but you think yeah there must be a better way to get dissolved now serving off we need to take a step back from all of the technology and look at how we're going to actually

get the data out that we need and what we need to do as far as an approach so hands up if this is your response to doing any kind of data query don't be shy to like you just love doing this stuff I've got one guy down the front who does that's

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