RedDot Ruby Conf 2014

Cómo colaborar en el desarrollo del núcleo de Ruby

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morning hey how's our own doing let's hear it I was pathetic come on I made it here you guys made it here act a little more excited than that please thank you no not yet save that for the after-party alright so today we're going to talk about Ruby

core for tender feet no I don't mean Aaron but what kind of note today we're going to talk about so contributing to open source has been kind of a theme of this conference there was you know a few talks about it so far but we're going to talk about

specifically Ruby core and I want to talk about these four main things newcomers progress reports and things have been working on working with the team and roadmap with some stuff we have gone on I know co EG covered a lot of the technical details i'm

just going to cover some of the things that i think are important not just specifically Ruby core but just things that affect everyone and we should be concerned about and I'm Zack choked I kind of need notes I guess all right so yeah I don't want

to focus on like the technical details this is gonna be a very technical talk so hopefully ease in your morning with some some information to help you we're gonna we're not going to cover how to run the test suite and Ruby or like you know really contributing

guidelines or like you know how to how to report a bug I think shibata sins talk is lightning talk yesterday covered that pretty well and a lot of that information is already available on the internet and if you weren't around for shabbat Edison's

talk his slides are online on speaker com /h SBT so check that out now I really want to focus on you know what I've been learning from riri core and and what we can learn from each other and work together to you know to contribute so our intended audience

is definitely newcomers I think there's a lot of people in here that probably you haven't contributed to Ruby itself and I want to change that there'll be more later on this but let's let's briefly talk about what I mean you know maybe

some of you you know I think Brendan did it like a show of hands how many people have contributed to open source and or have their own pet projects an open source and that's great but specifically I'm talking about someone that's like like I really

want to focus on people who maybe have an idea something they want to do with Ruby they want to work on but they're not really sure you know like how to do that like how did it how to collaborate with us and like I want to give you basically the confidence

to do that and so that's what we're gonna basically that's that's our goal by the end of this talk I want you to have the confidence to work with Ruby so everyone has to start somewhere and you know some of the things that I've been working

on specifically ruby has been working on finding new contributors onboarding people you know adding adding new core committers and helping them you know learn the ropes and like fix fix some patches and stuff and ruby was working on maintaining 187 and 192

terrance from Heroku but that's that's going to come to an end actually we're gonna make an announcement really soon and hopefully like just kill that by the end of next month it was supposed to be this month but just been like busy with stuff

and definitely like one of the more important things which doesn't get a lot of appreciation I think at least like his security announcements like these are super important whether or not like there's vulnerability like teaching people you know like

what's what how their applications might be affected by Ruby and or the things that Ruby's built upon it's a really important stuff and I want to get been working on that as well I also joined the rails the rails team iron commit bit to rails that

was those big important news for me I've been working on fixing a lot of regressions helping get like 406 out and 4 12 and contributing documentation mainly helping people who want to contribute in half patches like clean it up so it's acceptable and

get it merged in basically and basically does anything rails so I'm 1 i'm actually one of three people that have commit to rails and ruby and now sinatra to which is kind of crazy but I I do have plans like to to work on these things like I have been

working on that stuff me you know me and Constantine have delusions of grandeur for what's a notch or two should look like and there's been some code written and we're definitely going to use bacon like the three other people that were at the bar

last night what we were having like this intense debate about like our spec versus many tests might understand that one if they still remember between that and like he's magic tricks but he's all out of flame so ah so i've been i've been traveling

i made it here i also went to South Africa gave a talk I went to the Philippines basically just follow Winston around and like get him coffee and stuff it's really great if I can love you and say yeah thanks for having me man this is great so we want to

talk about different types of contributors I kind of brushed on like what what kind of a you know what we're targeting and newcomers we talked about the beginner and I guess entry level or whatever you would call it but there's also you know there's

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