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Utilizando FeinCMS para añadir la gestión de contenidos a cualquier modelo de Django

Greg Turner  · 


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Greg's a director of the interaction consortium which is a a jenga web agency in sydney in the past he has been a treasure of the Sydney chapter of the usability professionals association and the founding president of robots and dinosaurs which is a really

cool heck space in Sydney today is going to talk about fine CMS tools and find CMS and how to unleash the ponies me please make him welcome thank you I don't know how I feel about being the filling in a core contributor sandwich especially when i'm

not a core contributor to anything I didn't start myself but I'm honored to be in such esteemed company and so unleash the ponies this talk is about adding rich content tools to any Django model and my name is Greg amongst other things I'm technical

director of the IC we builds Django sites almost always using this framework because our clients love it okay let's get this out the way hands up if you say fancy honest Oh awesome I can probably skip the next few slides and this time last year half the

people are speaking to we're calling it faint CMS I argue that it's fine CMS unless you're the queen in which case they're both pronounced the same because here's your posh um okay okay so English has vein reigns gain and chow mien but

only Stein and Einstein so those are both German as is well he's not Germany Swiss this is Matthias Heston Holtz who is the originator of fine CMS his Swiss speaks German so his pronunciation would be fine CMS fine in German means fine in English Fane

sounds like false so maybe something to be avoided anyway there we go so what's problem does fine CMS solve well I think as Alex was talking about this morning the web is getting more complex web content is in particular as a complex thing Alex was talking

about the divide between in-app applications on the web and sites on the web this talk is more towards the sites and content publishing end I also AM kind of sad to see that division it would be nice if we could too if we could build things that help us kind

of keep those things more integrated but anyway we have very low contrast on this screen apologies and so when we're talking about web content we're not just talking about text and images we're talking about mediate media Interactive's and

talking about the formatting the style the design the layout the data that gets incorporated and all of those things need to be presented in a reusable way so not only do you need to not be putting in the same date content in several places but you also need

to be able to reuse that content on a variety of devices yes and of course we have to handle user-generated content and so as the web is growing this becomes more and more challenging there's more technologies there's more competition for any given

site and what button was that ok there's more varieties people are expecting richer experiences I don't know if you guys have seen the new york times snowfall to me that kind of represents where the web is it kind of epitomizes where the web is heading

for me it's kind of I was going to show it but i think i will leave it and but check it out do it Google for New York Times snowfall and it's one of those examples where every page is a kind of unique experience and it's a combination of design

meeting content meeting interactivity yeah so those richer experiences are being created with smaller and smaller teams as these things get commoditized so what in in particularly the magazine and newspaper world took teams of specialists is now being condensed

to the point where there's one two three generalists having to manage layout and style and so on and trying not to break anything at the same time people are getting more future savvy about their content they want to keep it in this tin the proper shape

where they can repurpose it for different things they can migrate it to a new system if they are the needy so how do we do this and how can my non tech users publish flexible and unique content there's true to the design of the site but still we've

control over the styling so it doesn't break the design but people still have control over how that looks and that will work on a variety of devices that doesn't let people that doesn't make people put content in several places without kind of

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