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Django al límite

Simon Meers  · 

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Simon mirrors he's a member of the Django core team who has the pleasure of python and django daily as a freelance developer based in Wollongong and he will be talking about Django unstrained making Django even more enjoyable than it is already getting

q can you hear me yes okay so it just seemed like a moderately clever pun at the time but has turned into a helpful umbrella term for helping me to think of ways in which we can make Django development less of a strain and more pleasant unfortunately it might

be Django I strained has the back can you see I can't make the font bigger i'm going to have wrapping issues so hopefully you'll be able to get through it okay so Who am I my name is Simon you may have seen me online as dr. Mears i discovered django

in 2008 with much joy I was a university lecturer in computer science at the time doing PhD research and all sorts of other things I was tinkering with web development for a decade or so before that and as Alex said this morning discovering Django made me

realize that web development could actually be fun and very quickly my career turned around and now I am a full-time developer in fact Pikkon 2010 sort of started the snowball of networking required to give me enough work to do that full time I've been

a core developer since 2010 however have to use a term very loosely my contributions to django skoura drop in the ocean compared to any of the other core developers here but the title is nice and part of the reason of that is I just have far too many deadlines

you know raising three kids with my wife finishing my PhD all that stuff there's always going to be reasons and lots and lots of clients at the moment lots of client work is what I'm pardon me doing that the moment so always jumping from one project

to the next and never stopping for long enough to actually work on the open source stuff which is something I hope to remedy in the near future so framework is Django is a fantastic general-purpose framework it's not the ultimate framework in some situations

there may be better options available but I find it's there many many problems that it can solve and it is a excellent skill to have being able to use it the it is rolling along nicely the 1.6 beta was released just recently so will you start features

for the 1.7 release coming out soon and it is a very community driven thing being an open source framework I assume that the community is you guys but it is an assumption how many of you have used Django before cuz I know there are a couple people here haven't

okay so that's the majority how many of you have created a ticket or commented on a ticket or something or other for Jagger okay but thirty percent how many of you have submitted a patch to django ten percent how many of those patches actually got committed

and have any of you set up django applications to share with the world third party stuff well that's more so that's cool okay so it is our framework and we are the ones responsible for making it better so before we know it Jengo two will suddenly be

upon us and we get to determine what that's going to look like so if you were to write the release notes for two point not what would you like to see in it because to a large degree you can actually determine that theoretically the sky is the limit in

practice the limit is actually more of a combination of the combined imagination of the community like in this room the amount of time we are willing to put in which guilty as charged and the amount of cooperation in the way in which we can make that happen

so I would encourage you as you're developing don't just get frustrated with the framework and go this is saying that Django doesn't do very well and move on think about how can we solve that moving forward to make Django even more awesome so make

a list of the things that you would like to see fixed in Django and make a plan to figure out how to do it if you have no idea how to solve it you know the problems there at least make sure that people know about the problem and let's figure out ways to

move forward we probably want to avoid adding too many more features into Django's cool we really don't want this massive unmaintained ball lump of code I think if anything Django in future releases should probably lose weight and have just better

hooks for more elegant third party applications talking any want to make the core very very flexible so that you can do amazing things with it going forward and have an excellent community of third-party apps so if you have a brilliant idea for Django don't

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