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Utiliza PostgreSQL como alternativa a las soluciones NoSQL

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good afternoon Pike on just a couple of announcements before we get started here and just like to remind organ winners to pick up their winnings go right down to the registration desk now if you won an auction last night and I would just like to mention the

Sprint's we'll be holding the development Sprint's from tomorrow onwards anybody who wants to contribute to the library meet authors etc and please stick around for messages after the lightning talks for an introduction to the sprint and if you'd

like to lead a sprint please prepare a short 20 seconds only description of your sprint and be prepared to give that after the lightning talks okay I would like to present handle crossing and he's going to tell us the Postgres SQL it really is web-scale

smiley face so hello nice to be here one of the last talks I think in this conference and I'm going to talk about scaling both glass first how we what it is how stated that Skype what new ways to scale it have appeared since and also I have tried to push

in some more stuff about using it from Python so I need to go really fast in some places fortunately Craig already spoke about some things I had put there so I can skip over these really fast and so let's get started so focusing I currently work that I

fight the user since about version one maybe a little before post costumes ever since because before it was even SQL I did some tests very old version of podcasts which used the language called Post well so it was essentially a new SQL database even though

it was already ran well relational database small-time hacker and contribute to do both Python and post-class both have a small amounts of my coding I was first DBA and database architect at skype since slim expired by have been full-time in PostgreSQL consultant

at second quadrant second product is I would say company that employs most largest number of top post-classical developers we also do support and so on so if you need some high-level help and come to us and I also am a technical adviser to the investment company

of the Estonian founding engineers of Skype so if they have some interesting stuff than I help them to evaluate it I have also written two books and PostgreSQL is it ooh okay I see that it kind of echoes not sure I what to do about it one of them is about

post-classical administration I work together high marks with head guy of second quadrant also why Walters PostgreSQL server programming topic which basically tells you how to write stuff inside post-classical server that runs using BL pitch as well beyond

Python C BL proxy or scaling and so on so what is Python actually know what they fightin II so I won't go into that but it's it's really nice and Universal languages for almost everything what is no SQL no SQL is usually as mostly it's a storage

sometimes it has some language in it it can be a simple key value storage ease the structured values craft databases distributed caches some to you use SQL so poorly some would call what I am describing later are scaling here also that it's no SQL in sense

of not only SQL so why people use no SQL it's it's simple to implement it's quite often the reiteration of the old team that let's use files for speed which works at small scale and doesn't work very well at large scale nowadays some novice

columns have matured to quite large usages it's also simple to get started simple to initial development and it is a scalable storage layer what are things that no SQL usually sacrifices compared to using a real database first the four big things that

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