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Mi experiencia desarrollando y publicando un videojuego indie con Python

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hello everyone welcome to my talk on making releasing and selling an indie game made in Python thank you to pike on for having me i meant to say bonjour I've ruined it from the very first word but um I'm very excited to be here I'm dodge evil on

mostly important websites on the internet you can get my contact details from any of the major security leaks of the last five years you know heartbleed NSA or the Sony Playstation credit card leaked today I'm going to talk about my game design aims i'm

going to use PI vida my engine to make a point and click adventure game a very small one because we've got a lot to get through I'm going to talk about releasing a game and publicizing it I thought I'd start by introducing my games my main one

is my ex-boyfriend the space tyrant and i'm working on a second one called escape from pleasure planet mike's boy from the space tyrant is a 2d point-and-click adventure all our lucasarts and telltale inspirations with day of the tentacle space quest

and sam and max back to the future that's 3d the science-fiction adventure or so the inspirations were Star Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who and space 1999 and if any of you have seen that show and like it please come and talk to me about it because

I've never met anybody else that is you know who loves that show as much as I do these are screenshots by the way to give you an idea of what it looks like they're gay themed and if you haven't figured out by now now is your time the inspirations

are Priscilla Queen of the desert and Australian gay culture and that's caused a bit of a kerfuffle sometimes overseas because strain gay culture is quite camp and Kitsch comparatively you know and it was released in december two thousand twelve is a digital

download and in it you play as Captain taiko Minogue brought out of retirement to face an invasion fleet led by your ex-boyfriend it's non-pornographic it's a serious attempt at a commercial game and it's been paying the rent so I've been very

lucky so that was the who where what and when the why I made it is because growing up there was a lack of same-sex love interest in the science fiction that I loved about the closest I got was in one of the foundation books where I think Foundation and earth

where the main character goes down to this icy planet any ship gets impounded and to get it out he has to sleep with the minister of security and she's a beautiful woman but as I'm of is a pains to point out how manly she is and you know so there wasn't

much I had growing up so I picked a point-and-click adventure game because a gay themed implies a gay story and point-and-click genre is great for narrative and it's event-driven not time driven so people play it at their own pace and I thought that would

be a good idea because in my mind the target audience would gay men who maybe once every five years players elder or civilization and I picked Disney style graphics because you know a lot of people are afraid of computer games and they're afraid of gay

content and so I thought by making it non-threatening and fun it would lend itself to comedy but it also maximize its chance for success but before we go any further and break game design down into its components I'd like to say that I think in my opinion

game design is a craft and you want all the components working together all the time so you want the artistic side and the technical side and the business side always to be meshed together working all the time so you can't just do the art and then come

up with a game and you can't just make a game and then go how do I sell this you know at every step of the process you've got to ask is this artistic is this technical technically competent you know can I sell this can I market it so I'm going

to keep coming back to that idea that it's a whole process rather than just one individual thing so we'll get to Python code in a couple of minutes but I just thought I'd point I just sort of mentioned that the actual code is just a small part

of the overall process of making and selling again so what should indie game developers aim for when they're making a game well I think first of all they should aim to make entertaining games now when I first made this slide I had fun but as an indie developer

compared to larger studios you have some advantages and so you have some disadvantages one advantage you have is that at a conceptual stage you get to be you get to think outside the box and you know really push the boundary bit so you don't need to make

a fun game you know a horror game doesn't need to be fun or a sad game doesn't need to be fun but at some level they all need to be entertaining so how do you make a game entertaining well we talk about game play and that sometimes a nebulous concept

but if you play or meet games long enough you sometimes can detect that they have a bit of a beat and they so as a developer you're in charge of that beat you games also have high points and low points and you want to maximize the high points and minimize

the low points the number and the duration of them and you want to do it as soon as possible because later you get in the process the heart and hard it is to remove the dull spots and I speak from personal experience because in my experience pace tyrant about

half an hour into the game there is a really dead spot we have to walk between a castle in a field about three times and every time I watch someone play the game they get to that point and it's death to them it's just terrible I feel bad about it but

oh well so how can you meet your gameplay entertaining well a simple way is reward for effort so if you kill the swamp rat you get five gold coins but if you kill the queen of the swamp rats you give them five thousand gold coins and maybe a cutscene that's

a basic example if you want to get it even a little bit more technical about it you can consider your gameplay in terms of push and pull factors so what's pushing a player through the game and what's pulling them through the game so an example of a

push factor could be a wall of fire that's slowly advancing through the level an example of a pool factor could be something as simple as an open door in the distance because people always tend to like to see what's over the horizon another way you

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