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Guía para saber cómo participar en los proyectos de software libre

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good afternoon everyone thank you for the second talk in our open source session very excited to make a few announcements I need to remind auction winners that they need to go to the reception desk right away to pick up their prize otherwise we will auction

them off again and the second thing is that we are having sprints so the conference doesn't end today all through this week we're going to have sprints it is probably an amazing time to meet developers of fantastic projects like pie pie and mercurial

and pyramid amongst others there is a chance for you to submit your own projects so if you want to do that if you want to lead a sprint prepare a 20-second talk that you're going to be able to present right after the lightning talks today to get people

to come to your sprint and stick around after for all of these closing messages where you're going to be able to find exciting wonderful projects to work with with some of the best Python programmers that on the planet in this in this in the city so it

is my pleasure to introduce Lena Williams who be talking to us about the hitchhiker's guide to free and open-source participation thank you very much yeah thank you um well welcome to my talk and I'm thank you for coming and I just want to say I'm

at a real risk of running over time and also my slides are an experiment I'm reacting against that um fato putting nothing on a slide and I put everything on the slide this might be very distracting but I wanted the slides to be are interesting for people

to read them later and there's a lot of content I have too much content this is a crop down from an hour-long talk so this is me I have no time I'm standing in front of you because of this guy and his name is Andrew tral he's the author of the

rsync shell tool and also of the sandbur server which is one of the most ubiquitously used open source project the world I mean it's probably got billions of installations and it's more than 20 years old and it has seen it all every controversy every

legal battle Samba has done it and um I knew of this guy at my university but I thought he was like a really scary like nerd and um turn turned out he's wonderful he's charismatic and generous and he donates one week of his life I had to do an autumn

session to give a post graduate level course to teach students how to participate in open-source it's the only one of its kind in the world all of the lectures are online at the University website and I also checked them up to YouTube in case they disappear

from the unit's hype so please if you have a deep an interest in open source check these lectures out because I have all of the examples so talk always has to start with beer as what is open source and what we're talking about is free software but

not free in terms of exchange for money we're talking about free in the terms of freedom of speech like free to do what you want to do and why the term open-source got involved was in 1998 netscape navigator was the first very serious project to release

its code publicly and because they were being eaten alive by internet explorer but it was the beginning of the tech bubble and nobody liked the idea of using the word free so they repurpose this term open source from formerly three letter acronym organization

to use that term to describe a proper open source like a like a publicly available sorts like a newspaper or phone book or something like that and I do what Andrew jaw does so a lot of people are really precious about these terms that he use uses them interchangeably

i will also be using them interchangeably but when i say open source what I mean is free software unless i state otherwise explicitly so free software exists because of copyright and I hope we all have an idea as to what copyright is in that movie industry

association sense like so basically something's copyrighted what you're allowed to do is you can look at it that's pretty much it you can't do anything else to it but the one that really matters to us is you can't change it and let's

assume to apply automatically it's you're eligible for copy right if your product is fixed or creative there's an amazing talked about this at PyCon last year I strongly suggest you check it out but this makes for some really interesting copyright

exception so did you know fashion dance architectural features recipes automobiles and perfumes are all exempt from copyright they have trademarks but no copyright so are we covered like our sport is very very new it didn't even make sense before the sort

of 60s two separate hardware and software was only you know with the unities or you could put on multiple bits of hardware that software was a thing in its own right but because it's very young oh we are so covered by copyright and you also can't talk

about free software that talking about this guy and this guy Richard Stallman gets a lot a very hard time for being a bit of a nut job and I've seen him talk twice and he is a little bit crazy but I don't want anyone to underestimate he is a genius

even the people who don't like him are willing to say he's able to produce very large quantities of extremely high quality coding on a full scholarship to Harvard to do the tough and graduated magna Lauder he's a very very smart and root rijal

had nothing but the highest praise for him and so it took him 10 years but he came up with this idea of this hack on top of copyright where you could issue another license that would give away your copyrights and the first GPL was a bit sketchy but there have

been a proliferation of license incident then there are six thankfully there's the Open Source Initiative in there are 63 recognized licenses that have been legally tested and will stand up in a court of law that will protect yourself to your right to

give your software away but note they've also list 28 rejected licenses that look a lot like open source but actually hard so do you understand the difference now that open source is publicly available saw some free software is wait let me illustrate this

so did you know that the Microsoft Colonel a Windows kernel is publicly available to academics and on pretty much always has been so you can get the the windows kernel code and basically look at it so and analyze it if you want but goodness gracious you don't

you dare try and change that mode and if you try to sell those changes and lawyers would drop from helicopters or something like that so and have another really deep in open source issue and this is a bit dense but if you have an interest deep interest check

out that lecture because the being potatoes of what he's interested his level is at what point how much of that window source code would you need to change be a release reissue a license for it yourself and the answer is probably there is no amount of

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