PyCon 2014

Gráficos 2D/3D con Python en dispositivos móviles

Niko Skrypnik  · 


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thank you guys let's start first of all good afternoon Python there's my name is really Nico's Greek nique and I'm talking about 2d 3d graphics with Python on mobile platforms today and when we hear it through the 3d graphics we usually think

about some games but also it may be not only the game but some other applications which use their graphics intensively like for educational purposes or I don't know sound for probably 3d viewer for example for engineer which may show some design and stuff

or something like that so and when we consider the using Biden for development some graphic stuff for mobile platforms like Android or iOS first equation which may rises in our minds is why so why really we should use the Python as there are a lot of existing

tools like unity or many other game engines which allows you to do the same just to develop the game and Atmel it will be cross-platform you may do it both for Android and iOS well I even have the answers for this question and first it just for fun yes so

we are love we love python many of us a hobbies who just make the games for for hobby and it's very cool really when you develop something on the Python and you may run it on your favorite mobile phone or your iPad and whatever and you may do for example

right now there are some games the clone of the games like a clone of the flappy birds which is written on the Python and you may find it on them on the Google Google Play Store and the first second reason is the educational purposes because as we all know

the Python is very good language for educational purposes it's very easy to learn especially for kids and also the open jail which is quiet well maybe it's just me but I think that it's quite non-trivial stuff and with Python for example it's

easier to learn it because you are concentrating on the learning the OpenGL concepts not on there are building and debugging the C++ code instead so really it may be used for learning by kids for example they're using of OpenGL and creating the graphic

applications which may be launched on their mobile platforms and second question which may rise in our heads is how how can we do it so fortunately we have the Kiwi project which was mentioned by guido van rossum today and well it's the framework or other

it's the project which includes a lot of frameworks and tools which helps you to create the cross-platform application with Python for different different platforms it includes such such tools like Python for Android which allows you to create the apk

package for Android or TV iOS which allows you to create there whatever it's called the package for for iPad and so what's the key via just provides for us we may use for our goals it's first of all it provided provides us the ported Python core

which is the Python interpreter which is ported for any platform like IRM specific for Android or a also you may just run it and run any Python Python code and also it provides the wrappers around the opengl functions well rather the OpenGL ES functions because

you know OpenGL is yes it's the subset of the OpenGL for embedded systems which are the mobile platforms as well so we have the Python interpreter we have the rappers of opengl functions so in general that's all what you what you need to make graphical

applications if you proficient with opengl and well i may just finish my talk here but i i'll continue further and i'll explain which another obstructions make Eevee provide to you know make your life bit easier if you want to do some like game with

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