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El programa Outreach para mujeres de la fundación GNOME

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alright well go ahead and get started marina go to him scaia will be at while she is a good friend of mine as well as the main organizer for the gnome outreach program for women which C Python is contributed in 4k is participating in for the first time this

is summer she's also on the boards of the known foundation and the ADA initiative and she says all kinds of really great outreach with redhead so please join me in welcoming marina for her talk on outreach program for women lessons in collaboration hi

everyone so I work at redhead as a community engagement lead and as Jessica said I'm on the board of the ADA initiative and ignore foundation and the ADA initiative is the organization that works on supporting women in open technology and culture and the

Canal foundation is an organization that supports Zig gnome desktop for linux and so i'll be talking about diet rich program for women and it has its origins in 2006 when gnome received 181 applications for google Summer of Code and none of them appeared

to be from women and google summer of code is a program where google pays a stipend for students to work remotely it was the mentor for three months on a free software project and when Chris Paul and Hannah Wallach saw that this was the case that we didn't

get any applications from women's they put together a two months program just that very same summer that invited women to participate directly and had a more collaborative language so instead of saying prove your rockstar show you're the best it was

talking about how this is an opportunity to work with a mentor and learn and they received about a hundred applications and six women did internships was known that summer then doesn't happen for a couple years and in 2009 I found myself to be one of eight

women at norm's annual conference and I was perhaps one of the most AB lished female developers in kinome at the time and they a gun on board approached me to organize the outreach program for women will renew our outreach initiatives and before I dive

in into how the program works this is like a very strong motivation for the program things like this happen this is a from this year where one of the participants in a dress for women was approached it forced them but what I assume were well-meaning men telling

her that they were surprised to see a girl there and this is why it's very important to have support communities for women to kind of show to each others that yes we do belong here and also it's important to have people working on in a dedicated way

on provided in best practices resources such as what the ed initiative does and the geek feminism wiki and I'd like to encourage everyone to read a recent blog post by Z ADA initiative called break-ins a unicorn law and the unicorn law says that any woman

in free software will sooner or later be asked to do a talk about being a woman in free software so I I don't really we are breaking this already but this blog post also provides great resources for how you can find out about the experience of women in

free software without approaching new women in your community directly and asking them to represent all other women and we're like how you can get more women participating so instead I'd recommend reading this blog post it has the resources in particular

supporting initiatives such as outreach forum for women the ADA initiative paying attention to the career development of women you're working with and taking the ed initiative allies workshop or going over the resources that are online as it can that cover

how to respond to sexist incidents and how to best support women so in terms of the outreach program for women it is very much similar to google Summer of Code we have paid three months into remote internships and as it happened twice a year one run happens

from may to august and as around happens from december to march the difference are that it's open to all women they don't have to be students and we also learned that it's important to state explicitly said it's open to women that are to people

who have various gender identities so it's open to women who assist and transcend to gender queer people and the default language is exclusive exclusive by default so which is why for example it is important for us to say that it's open to women sis

and trans in all our major announcements of flyers and also non coding projects such as documentation and design are available as part of the program in addition to the coding projects and we've had a seven rounds of internships 130 participants was all

of those organizations and these are some of the sponsors that I'd like to say a big thank you to and also redhead contributes my time to organize in the program and robes and graze the law firms that has helped us draft contracts for participants in mentors

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