PyCon 2014

Desarrollando APIs con Python y Flask

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hi everyone so our next talk will be so you want to build an API by Megan spear if you have any questions after the talk please use the microphone up front also I have Gabriel Pratt's lunch tickets so if you're Gabriel please see me after the talk

thanks please give Megan a warm welcome hi everybody let's get started I'm Megan spear and I'm currently living in San Francisco California I'm a software engineer and most recently I've been building a company with my husband wherein I

became obsessed with API design and implementation this is technically my first PyCon and I'm really excited to share it with you all hopefully everyone in this room has seen the movie good burger or this talk is going to be a bunch of nonsense with some

API information on the side so you want to build an API huh well this sounds like a good idea an arm and Ron occur the creator of flask says if you're not building an API you're doing it wrong so let's get started what we're really going to

talk about today is a Web API using the rest protocol we're going to look at the best practices of designing a web api and the patterns in flask we may use to get there and we'll actually be creating two AP is as you are likely building a restful api

for your javascript client you're also building your own python api for how you want to code it we are doing this by leveraging patterns because no one framework has everything you need so yeah that's too api is pleased but first where do best practices

come from they come from the saying good artists copy and great artists steal and this quote from Steve Jobs actually explains that popular Picasso quote ultimately it comes down to taste it comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans

have done and then try to bring those things into what you are doing and where do patterns come from research for me this was a phase of trying to find out how things are currently done if you don't know what current solutions are how do you even know

that you need to build a new one as developers we value laziness first why do something that has already been done so you should know what other api's are out there and how to use them learn how other people do rest in flask and stretch the imagination

to guess at what people would try to build using an API this is kind of like the old adage of knowing the rules before you can break them but patterns also come from lazy developers who are smarter than you and me I basically learned a lot from everyone else

learn from these people in YouTube will become lazy and smart one day this is why there are so many frameworks and forks everyone wants to be lazy but everyone is lazy in their own way so in the end choose your own flavor in your own set of tools maybe you

really want your API to be written and go or something but you're all here so i assume you love python as much as i do developers and patterns are subjective decide what is important to you decide how you want to be lazy try all the tools sample all the

things it is only through this process that you will find what tastes right but you must design the UI first I think it was Kenneth rates who said write the read me first this talk isn't going to make all the problems in a current of a web api disappear

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