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Crea tu propio DNS con Python

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for lack of a better name DNS explained please welcome Lynn can you oh hey you can hear me I just have to like take a picture of y'all and tweet about it because it's amazing to see this many people just as confused about DNS as I am all right so yeah

i am lynne route um let's see giving myself organized here so yeah i am lynne dirt oh there's no slides just just kidding um I work for Spotify as a partner engineer whoa that's really bright good morning and I'm also a founder of pie ladies

of San Francisco I I do a lot of organization for like workshops and speaker series and stuff like that and if you want to start your own local pie ladies it should be you should be able to just pip install pie ladies and get your own handbook yeah and I am

also a board member of the Python software foundation awesome so yeah cool let's get this started so as a nerdy person who likes to get away to like I don't know a hotel like an hour away do some like hacking over a long weekend trying to like deploy

some like cool app I always seem to like mess it up right like a simple like git push to Heroku like doesn't work who's ever had that issue trying to like deploy something simple get push yeah your friend can't see it yeah okay I see a lot of hands

and I'm sure you recognize this it's always like a dns issue when you're trying to try to deploy your app and i'm sure none of you here have had like a clean dns set up the first time around was you would not be here who has had a very clean

setup but Dina said it like first time around no okay oh one person I don't know why you're here that maybe you should give the talk um so um yeah so you follow instructions and to probably set up your DNS records and you know something doesn't

work and we've all been there and so without a solid understanding of DNS and sometimes folks just like I'll just try this and I'll just like tweak this record or something like that waiting for DNS to propagate to see if your guess was correct

so hopefully this presentation will give you a better understanding um curiosity got the best of me when I was get push trying to deploy and it didn't work I wanted to sort of dive deeper into what dns is so I knew that DNS was like considered the phone

book and it's the backbone of the internet but I also knew that the cloud it's built on DNS and duct tape and Dina's itself is pretty much a duct tape together so well it is confusing and it has like a textbook sort of definition but it doesn't

always work the way we think it does so what I'll dekh li be going over is what dns is and why you should care about dns what to do with it what to do with dns as well as like awesome things i learned along the way so first i want to explain like why dns

is port important it allows you to visit very productive web sites like Reddit it allows you to like receive very time critical emails like Groupon or guilt deploy you're one of a kind to do app on Heroku and it allows you to for your corporate meme generator

to not be accessible by non-employees so we know that DNS is essentially the phone book it stands for a domain name system and translates from human readable names to computer friendly addresses but the actual like textbook definition is that DNS is a distributed

storage system for resource records each dns resolver or authoritative server stores these records in its cache or a local zone file and a record usually contains a label a class type and some data so that might be the textbook but that still like you're

right all right I kind of like I'm sorry kind of behind it kind of still doesn't make sense um you get it but you don't actually get it so let's actually see it cdns in action so in order to understand us I was playing with Python of course

I used scape e to sniff some DNS traffic to browse like the interwebs so I'm using escapee to sniff likes KP sniff function to pick up my local traffic as you can see I've filtered my traffic via UDP and port 53 just to hone in on DNS traffic and I've

only limited to like 10 packets so as I let this sniff function run I went to type in my browser row Glenn com which is my website really cool we should see it so what's pretty cool is as that I found that you can kind of see here is I was typing rogaland

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