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Construyendo helicópteros de radiocontrol con Python

Ned Jackson Lovely  · 


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sorry welcome to this afternoon's session now we're going to hear from Ned Jack's lovely about helicopters so so the title of my talk is cheap helicopters in my living room my name is Ned Jackson lovely I'm net jail on the twitters these slides

are up on my website NJ l dot us so the whole point of my talk the purpose yes I hoped you in with the helicopters but I'm going to talk about using a Python and an Arduino together I talked to people about this a lot and they say oh you're right but

you run Python on your Arduino and I don't know it that that doesn't really work that way I just try to write as little on the Arduino as possible then I want to talk it all through so we're going to take Python we're going to take guard we

knows we're going to put them together with helicopters and do awesome things this is all transparent attempt to get you doing awesome things right so our dwie nizar the gateway drug so helicopters I want to talk about what helicopters are first because

they blow my mind that they work at all and the fact that they've been around before like computer control of these things is insanity so this is the syma s107g it's less than twenty dollars on Amazon you can click buy it now on amazon and it'll

be waiting for you when you get home this is I repeat this is a helicopter for less than twenty dollars that can be waiting for you at home okay so well we'll talk about the details it has lots of features and I'm going to list off all these features

and some of these don't seem like features but trust me when you're buying helicopters for less than twenty dollars some of these are very definitely extra features okay so it goes up and down most of them do that it rotates left and right so you can

twist it left and right it goes forward and backwards that's actually an awesome feature I have one that only goes forwards it has a blinking light which which sounds useless but trust me that's pretty handy too it has a USB charger so you don't

have to go digging around for dozens of like these you know triple A batteries and all this other stuff but the coolest feature oh no the coolest feature is that is less than twenty dollars in Amazon the second coolest feature is the infrared protocol that

controls it has been reverse-engineered so somebody else has figured out what this delightful little piece of hardware does and has given you code that you can use to control your helicopter I have another version of this with holes drilled in the back with

little wires running in so I could try to figure out what was going on in it no you don't need any of that somebody's reverse engineer it all for you it's amazing so helicopters a helicopter is a fan that is powerful enough to blow itself into

the air right like like literally it is a fan it blows straight down and it pushes itself and potentially other things up into the air this one I believe this is a skyhook I looked up the specs it can pull up 20,000 pounds of stuff not just itself twenty thousand

additional pounds this is a fan that can blow itself and five or six SUVs into the air right this is this is hysterical like the fact that these exist is just like amazing so our nice little assignment s107g $20 buy it now on amazon or you know from whoever

you want but less than twenty bucks seriously so this thing has this concept of a throttle so you know how hard are you going to push down this is a number from 0 to 1 27 I'll give you a feeling here 40 will spin enough that you might like go a little

out and bruise your finger if you stick it in there uh most of mine will hover in the upper 60s to lower 70s I think it depends on just you know I mean it's listed 20 bucks so you know the build quality varies a little bit battery lives vary a little bit

there's lots going on there but so like you know you're going to hover in like upper 60s lower 70s generally 127 is going to auger it into your ceiling so you know you kind of got this throttle to play with unless you get a downdraft I think I got

a downdraft in here anyway so you get this throttle 0 2 127 makes your helicopter go up if you turn it high enough alright so um anybody remember conservation of angular momentum okay I taught high school physics that makes me really sad so i'll get i'll

give you the totally intuitive way to think about this so you're in midair in a helicopter and you have a giant engine and you start spinning this rotor around above your head really fast what keeps you from spinning in the opposite direction I see I this

is second time in this talk and I've given it as that's like a you know i'm just like throwing out there that was about to say the tail rotor and then somebody goes tail rotor yes that thing on the back ooh i can do it with my pointer there we

go that thingy on the back there that actually blows sideways and keeps the bottom of the helicopter from spinning right just like i said it's hysterical that these things work at all so this is the simon and and this is the first big picture of seen it's

kind of cool you see how it is too big rotors on the top they actually spin in opposite directions if you look at the shape of the blades i think the top ones clockwise and the bottom one is counterclockwise and so they spin in opposite directions and they

cut they counteract each other's angular momentum and keep your helicopter kind of pointing forwards right so there is a little dial on the bottom of this and it's the trim and it's basically trying to adjust if there's little speed differences

between the top and the bottom so you can adjust the trim manually to find the exact center or what I like to do because I have complete control over this is I effectively jam one stick all the way over the side and I trim turn the trim all the way to one

side and I can do turns sharper than I can from actually using the control directly which is pretty nifty so that idea this this like back and forth that idea turning is called yah if you shake your head no you're yawning your head alright so yah is this

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