PyCon 2014

Cómo formar y ser un mentor para tus nuevos programadores

Kate Heddleston , Nicole Zuckerman  · 




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pleasure to introduce Kate hiddleston and Nicole Zukerman who are going to talk to you about technical onboarding training and mentoring please a big big round of applause hey everybody welcome to our talk so how is pikkon been for everyone good yeah it's

like a roller coaster so we're going to talk to you today about technical onboarding training and mentoring my name is Kate Huddleston I'm a software engineer I live in San Francisco California I'm Nicole zukerman I'm the picture that's

not her I'm a software engineer at eventbrite I'm also a graduate from hack bright Academy and I was a first junior engineer of that ilk to join eventbrite and I've been helping on helping increasingly with onboarding each successive new junior

engineer to join yeah so the reason that Nicole and I submitted this talk in the first place is we both had very separate experiences at different companies where we joined the company we worked there for a while we reached a certain proficiency at programming

and we looked back on our time and we were like we could have gotten here much faster if there had been any sort of onboarding at all and so we turned around and created programs at our respective companies to help new engineers get up to speed and so we came

together and submitted this talk so what is on boarding for the purposes of this talk onboarding is the process of taking someone from outside of a team and bringing them in and making them a happy productive and independent member of the team so today we're

specifically going to be talking about onboarding junior engineers but a lot of the things that we do mention today are useful for people of all different skill levels all right why do you care i'm going to give you four major reasons why you should care

about onboarding i assume that everyone here probably does already care since you came to this talk but i want to convince you that onboarding is important not just in general but it's important now so the four things that I'm going to talk about are

the productivity of the individual the productivity of the company the productivity of the team and bonus diverse alright the productivity of the individual so this is a category that most people think about building the skills of the new engineer getting

them up to speed on your tools there's another category in this which is their confidence and happiness a lot of people think that confidence follow skills when in fact skills often follow confidence confident people are outgoing they're excited to

learn new things they reach outside they're bound so onboarding is really great for increasing both the confidence and skill set of new engineers the productivity of the company companies care about money as they should and so on boarding is great for

the bottom line more productive engineers make you more money and that's great and everyone's happy because the company is making more money the productivity of the team this is really important because as you add new engineers to a team the team fundamentally

changes with each new person there's a lot of things about how you don't really know something unless you teach it and this is absolutely true for company culture and process if you can't explain your company culture to a new engineer and you can't

explain your process for shipping code then you don't know it yourself and so every time you add a new engineer you should reiterate this both to the new person and also to the existing team so you have something a little bit more like this and as your

team grows this becomes increasingly important for example at LinkedIn at a certain point every new engineer they added was decreasing their productivity so the new SVP of engineering had to come in and revamp everything so that adding new engineers didn't

decrease the over overall productivity of the team so this is one of my favorite equations that I have ever made up I used to coach high school JV water polo when I was in college and it's like 14 and 15 year old girls they're beginners at water polo

and I'd have these really philosophical team meetings you know I come in with like posters and so I come in with this one day and I was trying to explain to them the importance of teamwork and I told them your guys ability to win as a team is the sum of

your skills and talents x your ability to work together as a team and this means that you all can be less skilled or more mediocre water player water polo players work together incredibly well and you can beat teams of people who are theoretically more skilled

or more talented but don't work together as well and you can see this in engineering teams this is absolutely true no matter what the type of team is there's a lot of really big products out there like Gmail was is one of them that were built by teams

of less than 10 people some even built by the teams of less than 5 people so a small team can be highly productive especially if they work together really well all right a bonus category diversity how many of you have read the dr. Seuss book about the Sneetches

anyone okay that's pretty good so it's um to children's poem about kind of this society where some some sneetches have stars on their bellies and other Sneetches don't and spout the division that happens within the sneetches because of the

stars on some bellies and and the non stars another so i used Sneetches to represent diversity diversity can mean many different things so this happens a lot in tech what you have is a homogeneous group and they bring into the fold other people who are like

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