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Cómo elegir la mejor plataforma de mensajería para tu aplicación

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all right everybody please grab a seat you're next talk is starting now by Hari is on which messaging layer you should use in a loosely coupled distributed app oops sorry why is this showing in this mode okay I think so hello everyone my name is Harry

it's been a wonderful last few days here at PyCon and I will be speaking to you now about which messaging layer you should choose if you want to build a loosely coupled app and item so before we start off just to save some expectation on what I'm going

to talk about I am a Python hobbyist but for the last nine and a half years I've been working with building large-scale enterprise systems in where we we built a messaging layer between the various systems in place like bangs and big companies so what

I'm going to talk about today is if you want to build it loosely coupled lamp and you have made up your mind that that is exactly what you want you need to make a choice on what software or which messaging layer you will use for communicating between various

components of your system so that is a choice which you need to make and I just walk you through a few things which you need to watch out and then you can make a region based on that what exactly want to use right so when I say a messaging system they can

be through kinds of messaging systems one is you take a large large size organization which has a very good number of pi t applications which have been built over a period of many years and they want to speak to each other that's one way and the other

one is where you have an application but you want to take some part of your work and you want to upload it onto some sort of an async processing queue like celery or something like that so both of them have the same common requirement that you need a messaging

layer so let's say there is a large company where all the applications want to talk to one another and they built some interfaces between each of them over a period of years many years somebody came in and said I want to talk to this application by sending

a file somebody said i want to send an xml feed and you build something everybody speaks to everybody and what it results in is a big mess you have people talking to each and every application maybe there is a control maybe there's a format but it's

a mess it's not very easy to manage if you do it properly if you don't make a mess then you get messaging where each system talks to each and every other system using a common messaging layer it could be a message queue it could be our PC it could

be just UDP whatever it is but everybody uses a single mechanism that is what messaging is about and this brings an amount of control into your system you can control what is going on you know where to look in case there is a problem and because the floor

is is something which works as you keep on adding more applications onto that the chances that you will end up in a catastrophic failure are very less you know that I added this system it was working before that I remove this Richard work again something like

that and the other thing which I was talking about is if you want to offload your tasks on to a passing processing library then you have a bunch of applications which put things on a message queue and then you have a bunch of worker speaking up from them this

is very similar to the previous one except that here we had a variety of systems here we have a master sending jobs and we have a bunch of workers bringing up the same thing workers could pick up the same thing or they could pick each kind of work based on

what they mean we'll see what about that so you have made up your mind that you want to build a loosely coupled lap why it is very important to understand why you want loosely coupled lap because once you build the application if it is not performing like

you expected or it's not giving you reserves which you expected it to give then you just waste it a few manners of effort or some amount of money so you need to know exactly what you're getting into plus you need to know what would be the side effects

of it the most obvious thing is when you take one application and your split into multiple parts you have more moving parts more moving parts always means more chances of failure and things can fall over one foot one part of your application could be very

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