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Brython, ejecutando código Python en tu navegador

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okay hi everyone I'm happy to introduce Susan tan who will be speaking about Python in the browser and intro to Brighton please welcome her with with a blouson hello hi good morning so this is my second Python and I'm a first-time speaker at Python

so I'm really curious about the type of software occupations in his audience how many of you here are full-time front-end web developers who use JavaScript yay all right so did you introduce myself my name is Susan I'm a recent college graduate I'm

also an open source contributor to a number of Python projects in particular I open hashtag argue some of my favorite projects i've previously i've also made commits to django dubois framework and the ipython notebook in which i redesigned the menu

bar and UI and the look and feel of ipython notebook version 2.0 previously I worked as a web application engineer at flicks tariffs on Tomatoes which is a movie technology company in San Francisco so I every much grew tired of working with Java over the past

year so I pretty much right before Python I lost my job so now I am a Python dad for hire so so if you want to Python software engineer in San Francisco you should talk to me afterwards go so just probably the first presentation that you'll hear speaker

talk about a JavaScript library and a Python conference as you know Python is completely missing on the client-side work javascript dominates javascript is a parrot supported in all browsers every browser is a JavaScript compiler so about half a year ago I

discovered just brand new experimental library called breath on and here's a quick live demo so here I can sort this table by numerical order I can sort by alphabetical order like so if I open D inspector element zoom and you go to the script tag instead

of seeing a JavaScript script tag you see a Python script tag waiting that's pretty interesting so a bunch of Engineers from France decided to create an open search this brand-new JavaScript library because the refrigerator they couldn't use Python

to do client-side programming so the the madest library for people who just like javascript so i am a very early new user of this brand new library called python i'll talk about the use case for why python the new browser give a strong case for it I'll

talk about some existing features of writhe on compare a to do list made in JavaScript and another one made in Python I'll go over the results of some simple speech has comparing Franklin against both JavaScript and Python I'll Gord limitations of

Reith on and what it still needs to work on and I'll also talk about the future of client-side Python and JavaScript as a disclaimer I am NOT a core developer on Python nor do I use a slider in production so this is not going to be some adage about what

you should or should not use but I thought in production this talk will also not be about different architectural approaches and making a Python implementation in a browser these are all really interesting topics but for the focus of this talk doesn't

ously about Python from a user perspective so who are the people who are most likely going to really want to have Python in the browser I think they're going to be friend and engineers I think they're going to be data scientists data engineers and

they are going to be engineers who are working in the intersection of web and data so indeed scientific research fields data scientists are handling evermore increasing amounts of data and they need a way to look at data in an interactive way and be able to

visualize data in in a meaningful way and overall this will really push the boundaries of what can be done with a front-end web development as you know JavaScript d3 library is the most popular JavaScript visualization library that's out there and it's

I'm a huge fan of the d3 library however I feel that it's fairly limited to doing aesthetics and styling and of course d3 is not was not created to do heavy duty computations Python is however Python is really popular for doing numerical computations

so so why not in the future can we leverage Python scientific libraries to perhaps create in a competitive alternative or a complementary tool to do the three JavaScript library so one of the goals of this Python in a browser topic is to eventually create

like instantly interactive client-side you eyes like that's powered by Python and and why should we need a live server when potentially the entire computation can exist on the client-side and just have it run into browser so this is a very challenging

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