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Actualiza las herramientas que utilizas para el desarrollo web

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hello everybody i'm here to present blaze Laflamme who will be speaking about operating your web development tool chain please welcome him with an applause hello thank you so welcome to my upgrade your web development to chain the attack so as usual a

bit about me so I'm doing a full wet a full stack web development I mostly lead project and teams and still learning a lot every day probably as all of you so what this talk is about in fact this talk is about more IDs and patterns it's about combining

tools it's also about working with people's people in project it's not about let's say strong opinions because I'm not a over opinionated guy it's not about cookbook recipes too and it's not in that technical example I'm open

to everything so if you want to discuss anything about what I'm talking today after I would be happy to talk with any of you so the talk was under the best practices and patterns so they'll just talk a bit about that dogmatism is never a good thing

so I think being like close to other IDs is not a good idea in itself I try to not be dogmatic about what I've just said but I think is the right way to be open to others it should always have a significant benefit so it means that why would you do something

and it gives you less after so it means you need at minimum a significant benefit and to stick to what really makes a difference so why would you use tools because of a hype let's say and rewrite everything and in the end you get the same results so you

should be careful about what you should to use then the idea of the talk is based about problem i try to solve across the years it's mainly based on how to tie up multiple in development project so for sure when you have just one project you installed

and everything it's easy at some point you'll need to separate in some components it could be like you separate in that case will be more like the front end stuff with the back end stuff but you can start like sharing components like for web forms

a database or anything you want to reuse the cross project and then the idea is to have an environment where you can develop those multiple project at the same time so to tie up multiple environments and tools and to mix up development things because at some

point when your project grow you'll have more people involved and probably more teen it could be a remote teams too so you need to find a way to mix up all those thing together in the same way so my point of view is the separation of concerns so for sure

for each of us concerns could be different it could be different like ice like I said after adapt to contact so depending of the context so it's a also use known tools that's good to create your own staff but at some point you get stuck with what you're

doing so try to use tools that already exist that people are behind those tools so if you need help or anything and try to add that to context that means that the one ring to rule them all is not a good way to think about things so it's not because you

develop a way of doing things that way will be good for everything you'll be doing p sometimes people like concept and ids and tools and make everything fits in those patterns i think people are more important than two so we should find a way to make the

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