ng-conf 2014

Guardado progresivo de aplicación con AngularJS

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so good afternoon everybody you guys having a good time at the first-ever angular conference this is pretty cool huh these guys have done a great job with everything so far today it's the probably the best first time event I've ever been to before

and yes that was the guy who runs the event all right so we're gonna talk about here over the next 19 and a half minutes is progressive saving how to save data in your applications and the first thing I think is well I already know how to save some data

so what are you possibly gonna tell me that may be of interest well stick around for a bit we'll talk about some things here first if you have any questions afterwards I guess we'll be outside or you can always contact me on Twitter or my blog and

everything you're gonna see in this demo today you can actually check out online at this URL so feel free to hit it please not during the session though so how do you dandle saving inside of an angular app and make it really awesome for user experience

well it's all about the whip work-in-progress maybe you want to have a user who's using your application and while they're doing that they might have to juggle multiple tasks did any of you here ever chuckle multiple tasks at a time yeah we all

do so when you do that it's not always as simple as a basic to-do app that we see where you just type data in and it automatically just happens to save all data is always valid there's never a problem with data users never have an nth issue entering

our information so if it's so easy then why do we have a talk about it well life happens things go wrong sometimes you just have to have a situation where you can handle what's going on with my data it's invalid state I've got to do three things

at one time so one thing that could possibly happen is you could close the browser by accident how many times are you entering a data entry form on the web maybe ordering something from Amazon and you hit the wrong X in the browser tab you trying to give her

some tabs all sudden everything's gone you kind of do one of these moments you know just doesn't feel so good or you know you're working at a company and you get one of those interactions with the user and they're saying you know we have to

be able to handle multiple calls same time for order entry we need to juggle multiple tasks so maybe an urgent call comes in why are filling out some information and you have to switch gears but you automatically want to save the data that you have so you

don't lose your place well juggling these tasks is kind of important so we need to make sure we're not juggling chainsaws and kittens a little bit better so how do we handle these saving situations well there's definitely some options and like

anything in life there are good options and that's a good options so when faced with these what do you do do you cut the rope well some of these options are clearly going to be better than others so option a let's look at some options we've got

you can leave let the user leave and lose all their changes they love that you know losers users love it when they enter data and then you just like make it disappear they just have a great experience another option is you cannot leave don't let them leave

that screen until everything has been entered and saved or cancelled well just another situation where they're not so happy all the time we can do this though well I see another situation where we have automatically save everything as you're typing

using some kind of a throttling situation well that works pretty cool and there's a variation on this that I really enjoy and it works great for simple apps but when you have to save data as a coherent whole like you want to save a full order all the information

about that order you want to make sure that you get all that data and save it but if you're saving as you type maybe you're not putting in all the required fields so how do you save half of an order your DBA is not going to like it if you say hey just

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