ng-conf 2014

Desarrollando aplicaciones iPhone y Android con PhoneGap y AngularJS

Daniel Zen  · 


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hi my name is Daniel Zen I found it Zen digital I'm going to talk today on angularjs and PhoneGap how to create iPhone and Android apps using angularjs let's see we got here so my background I have a strong agile background in fact back when agile

was called extreme programming that's when I got involved with it so I used to consult for Google and pivotal back in the day and I took a short break and I started using I came back and I started using I needed a framework so I started using angular about

two years ago just as it was switching to its 1.0 state and then I started the angularjs NYC meetup about 19 months ago and then last year I reformed Zen Digital I used to do Zen digital way back in the 90s during that first first Internet boom and I realized

when deciding what Zen digital was doing these days that it couldn't just be web application development or it had to be mobile and web application development I had a strong Java background and that would have logically led to doing Android development

I was wanted to leverage my love of angularjs and so how could I do that and also I wanted to be able to create iOS applications so that led me to PhoneGap also known as cordova so the pros of angularjs the first pro is Mieszko why michiko because I knew Mieszko

and actually I was searching for a framework and I did a search on backbone and Google came back to me and said one of your friends is talking about backbone and it was Mieszko comparing angular to backbone and when as I delved deeper I realized that mieszko

had created this wonderful framework and I knew him I trusted him and I never turned back that was pretty much my decision I used to do a lot of testing in my front ends and I used to use J s unit and selenium and now we were able to still do testing agile

development with Jasmine and karma and I used to use jstestdriver before karma angular has less code therefore less bugs maintainability it's a lot of stuff you already know so I'm going to go over this slide pretty quickly it's got to react directives

for use of promises frame synchronous it's an opinionated framework it's got momentum right now it allows you to create single page applications what are the cons well you know angular wants to own the DOM and sometimes you're dealing with pre-existing

code that already wants to own the Dom so you've got a rapid and directive you really want to play well with others despite the content and knowledge in this room there are still not a lot of coders who know really well this room excluded and it's

still maturing but very very quickly PhoneGap background phone graph was created in 2009 it enabled access to the native device features such as geolocation accelerometers cameras push notifications it's open source cross-platform its device neutral it's

you know there's more web developers than Objective C developers and in 2011 PhoneGap source got contributed to the Apache Cordova project and Dobey acquired the PhoneGap name and their developers so PhoneGap allows you to embed html5 code inside of a

webview how many people here have used PhoneGap just want to get a show of hands okay so a little less than 50 but pretty pretty good so that gives me an idea of how to talk to this crowd so you're able to extend with native plugins allow you access to

native features of the phone fresh for example like in-app purchases or access to other apps they're running on the phone like Facebook that makes that native stuff of accessible via JavaScript you can build in the build and deploy tools allow you to write

about one and a half times and run everywhere now you don't write once you write about one and a half times you can be used with almost any way web framework and here quickly visualized you take your JavaScript your css3 your html5 and you wrap it in PhoneGap

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