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Dart también es AngularJS

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so we wrote angular for Dart there we go so we've we've we've been working on it since march of last year which is when we created the github repo and have been steadily committing ever since then but who is who is we so I I counted last night

and we have 27 github contributors uh and which is a which is a small number but it fits in the corner of our of our of our slides let's let's eh-eh-eh-eh-eh good thing first it it was started and and most of the work has been done by the angular core

team and but but we've we've had tremendous help from the the dart team as well as a internal a team at Google codenamed green tea and and all and i'll talk about them more more in depth in in a moment finally oh i'm continuing to be amazed

at how the community has sprouted up around around his his his his sprouted up around this this this project that there's there's there's blog posts and some really great talks on on the on the on the web now as well as PR is it just that just

keep keep coming in which is really really cool so this this is not going to be a talk about dart there there are plenty of good intro to to dart talks and I didn't really have the time to to go to go in and and explain the language that that you you can

go to to youtube and and check out the the talks that the the that the dart team has there but in one slide so the the dirt tagline is scalable web engineering and what does what does that actually mean well oh one thing that it means is that there's a

real built in tool support and when when you're building large apps that's that's really exciting because it building building a large scalable web app that you're going to maintain for many many years is more than just writing code it's

also developing a lot of process and being able to right tools analyzers extractors is really it's really powerful also from that you get you get great ide support which is which is which is exciting the the other thing that dirt is uh is it it's it's

it's easy to to to pick up so the dirt team has designed the language to have as few surprises as possible so all of your all of your symbols are lexically scoped and you you you don't have surprises with with closures anymore Jeff I'm getting

I'm going to need you again and so you so you you you can have a engineer come in and join your team and be really productive right away and so and so that's that's something that's that's really exciting and one one company that that that

is really really excited about this is is Google and specifically the teams that are writing large web apps at at at Google are our really liking dart because they have a lot of problems with scaling their app deploying their apps and and how do you manage

millions of lines of code and dart which is a which is a language and an ecosystem that is trying to solve those problems it's an excellent fit for for these large or sorry for these teams building large web apps and so let's let's let's talk

about about one of the one of the teams the the the green the green tea team now this is this is really where the where the story of angular dart starts I so the this this team is building a sales force automation tool which which means there's a lot of

data there's a lot of lists a lot of tables and they they have 12 12 engineers and so they're building this this massive app and they looked around and said we really loved art we're going to build our app and dart and this was this was again back

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