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AngularJS en 20 minutos

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all right well let me go ahead and just real quick I don't have many slides they just told me instead of angularjs in 20 minutes it now needs to be in five ish minutes so shouldn't be a problem I think we can do that so my name is dan wall lien and

I am a big fan of angular have been for a long time now and when it came out I kind of struggled with understanding how all the pieces fit together and I do a lot of videos for various companies plural sites one of them through very cool to work with and I

had given a conference talk and I didn't have time to do a whole course there was already one from actually Joe and Jim they did a whole course on this and I said well maybe I'll convert my conference talk and you know maybe I'll get five people

to watch it it's called angularjs and 60-ish minutes it actually ended up being 71 minutes that's why I added the ish I doubt anyone in here has seen it but if you have it was fun and it's had a lot of good learning I hope for some of you and when

we originally talked I think it was Dave actually switched this on me he came in and said can you do angularjs and sixtyish minutes for the conference I said oh yeah no problem we can do that that'd be fun I get to present a lot of conferences and I thought

that'd be a good opportunity and then I got an email and said could you do it in 20 ish minutes and I was like okay so I'm gonna jump right in here I blog a lot about angular and a variety of other topics I use a lot of technologies I run a company

based in Phoenix Arizona so it's a little bit yeah there we go I've been complaining about the cold I will admit I got one guy saying what are you talking about coal it's gonna be like 40 today that's awesome I was just in LA yesterday actually

and I was on the beach and yeah it was a little rough but anyway what I'm going to do real quick and I I probably took the idiotic approach is I'm going to try to build a very simple example that highlights the key pieces that well I wish I would have

known when I first learned angular and then kind of build that from scratch so I'm a with that we're going to jump out to sublime hair and jump right in so the agenda is I want to just talk briefly about and specifically I'm going to talk to those

of you that maybe you've you know you've heard about angular you might have played with it some but you're not really sure quite yet about how all the pieces fit together so the agenda is kind of shown right here and what I'm going to do is

just walk through the basics so first things first I already have a couple scripts in here one of which is angularjs you can see and then as a couple of us we'll talk about so for those of you that have done a lot with angular I guess you can tune me out

for the next 15 minutes or so but I'm going to come in and add a directive called ng app and this will mark angular as this is an angular app and it's now going to be able to scan the document do some compilation linking stuff and look for other angular

things in the document that is like the number one easiest thing to forget by the way you get writing your app and then all of a sudden you like why isn't this stupid thing working and it come out it comes out because you forgot to do something now one

of my favorite features nowadays that's come out is the ability to do data binding so I'm going to add another what we call directive and you heard Brad and misko talk a little bit about directives this is a built-in one that does data binding and

if you're new to data binding all this does is marries the text box to this what's going to be a property called search text so to kind of prove that this works though we need to be able to write out some data and so now I'm going to do something

called a data binding expression and we're going to write out search text so we've told angular this is an angular app we've now said I have some search text and we're going to write out that search text all right so let's see what we have

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