MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Técnicas para mejorar el SEO de las SPA (Single Page Application) de JavaScript

Jeff Whelpley  · 


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hmm hi my name is Jeff well Polly and i'm here today to talk about building javascript web applications so that not only can be indexed by google and other search engines but that they'll actually ranked highly i'm the chief architect at get human

comm and get human is a service that helps customers any consumers get customer service faster and easier so you don't have to wait on hold again last year one in every eight people in the United States visited our website but more than likely most people

don't even know who get human is because they didn't actually go into a browser and type get him calm I would wager that many of you in this room probably visit to get human but you may not remember or even know about it the reason is that most people

come through google come through search engines and the typical use case is that you have some sort of problem with a product or service from a major company and you need to get in touch with a live person to solve that problem so you go to google type in

whatever the name of the company is and phone number or the name of the company and contact information or customer service something like that and whenever you do get human will inevitably show up in the top five or the top three and sometimes even the oops

sorry i meant to do facebook customer service even the top one and two spots now just a little tip if get human is showing up instead of your website for customer service more than likely the information on your site is very difficult to reach and isn't

helping users as much as it should but why is that why does get human ranked so highly let's ask this guy if for any of you that have been involved SEO at all know who this guy is it's matt cutts who's the face of SEO for google and if you ask

matt cutts what he would tell you is that the sites that rank highly are those that are very useful for users that you shouldn't even think about SEO you should just focus on building an awesome application and that it's google's job to make sure

that those awesome applications rank highly now I don't think that it's quite that simple so let's dive into the top five factors that go into get human coms search ranking at the top one being inbound links and what I mean by this is actually

having a number of sites of high authority like CNN wired New York Times write articles about us write articles about what we do and then put links to our site and we have a long history of that and that Google looks that history looks at the quality of links

what they're writing about what the keywords are in those articles and uses that to help determine some some part of the search ranking the next thing is pogo sticking out how many people could guess or think they know what pogo sticking is when it comes

to search anybody know one okay so this is something that everyone does pretty much every day it's when you enter in a search term go to a website and decide that it's not what you need so you click the back button go to another website that's

not what you need to go to back go to another website and that process of going back and forth is called pogo sticking it's something that sends signals to Google about whether a particular site is the answer for your query because essentially when you

go back you're telling Google that was not the answer for me for this inquiry that I entered and if Google aggregates that over time for different search terms they get a pretty good idea of who is actually a good answer for a given search term and it

just turns out that as far as the customer service related queries that i mentioned i get human comm is actually a great what they call long click the next thing is performance google google love speed and for good reason this article came out a couple years

ago in the New York Times talking about how 400 milliseconds the blink of an eye can mean the difference between users search behavior meaning that if your insight the initial page load is longer than 400 milliseconds users will start abandoning users will

start searching less basically we have a standard it get human that we try at least to have our initial server response time under 200 milliseconds and the full initial page load under two seconds both of which are pretty aggressive and may not meet it all

the time but that's what we should pour for both our server side websites and our client-side web apps which actually is is very difficult in fact a lot of client-side JavaScript web applications this is one of the biggest problems with SEO that when you

have a single page application that initial page load is when you download all of your resources this huge javascript file and everything else and typically it takes a while takes a couple seconds and then after that you know it's fast your your client-side

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