MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Por qué deberías enseñar a tus hijos a programar con JavaScript

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okay hi I'm Liz I Benante I don't expect you to ever pronounce my name correctly nobody does but i'm here to talk to you about why is teach kids javascript if you don't have your own kids you can totally borrow someone else's just make

sure you have permission first and my number one goal this talk is to not mention number so we're going to cover I'm sorry I just head said we're going to cover what JavaScript actually is because i'm pretty sure nobody knows why we actually

should teach kids programming why specifically javascript and how to prepare yourself your own hacker army so let's talk about javascript for a little bit because we haven't doing that at all today javascript has many flavors just like ice cream and

you can enjoy the flavors alone or combined in many different ways and that's kind of what makes javascript so great is you pick your flavors there's no one right way to do things and sometimes that's great sometimes that's terrible but it's

still what makes Java scripts so fun and oftentimes I don't know how often you guys did use this word but I use a lot vanilla JavaScript to talk about just JavaScript by itself nothing fancy no libraries no jquery nothing and this could be anything design

patterns functional javascript even vanilla JavaScript itself has tons of different flavors you can get that artisanal vanilla bean ice cream in there or just regular vanilla JavaScript it's totally fine but I was making these slides and I was thinking

to myself when was the last time I wrote javascript without a library without jquery or underscore our framework or without coffee script and we all started with spaghetti code with anonymous functions and tiny things like this which are super super simple

but now we've moved on so far beyond this that sometimes we forget about the basics and it's not bad it's just this is the kind of JavaScript that you learn when you're brand new to the language and this is the kind of JavaScript that ultimately

you want to teach two kids so why aside from the fact that children are our future there are actually some legitimate reasons why you should teach them so technology is constantly changing which is pretty obvious but the jobs that most of us have today are

for companies are in a field that didn't actually exist when we were in junior high or even for some of us in high school we're using tools and languages but did not exist ten years ago and if they did they're completely different than what we

use today and there's no way really to predict whether or not learning javascript is going to help them in their careers in the future but preparing them for a tech heavy or computer-based career won't hurt kids if anything it'll improve it just

make sure you don't forget to teach him how to you know read and write in math and stuff students still kind of important I don't know if you guys took ten key in high school I did ten key data entry you know the full keyboard did it help me in my

career no not at all but it didn't introduce me to the venality of data entry which peaked my interest in automation which in the long run brought me into programming so thank you high school time key teacher typed in all those credit card numbers I will

never do that again I'm so while learning a language a specific language or even a specific skill might not be directly applicable in the future they're getting a technological foundation that is invaluable regardless of your age and regardless of

your career so this is kind of a no-brainer but the earlier that you start learning something the more concepts you can learn before you eventually kick the bucket and I mean really gonna talk the death thing guys it's often said that it takes about seven

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