MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Mejorando la accesibilidad de las aplicaciones JavaScript modernas

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bringing the web back to the blind I want you all to pretend like I'm blind how many of you have ever used a screen reader I can't see your hands you're going to have to do something else how many of you have used a screen reader thank you all

right I'm not blind anymore but that underscores my point behind this whole talk is that there are people with whom you need to interact differently than what you're used to and most of us developers are not very good at accessibility and I hope that

I can inspire you guys to go home from this talk and do some real world things in your applications for another reason and that is the right thing to do so the title of the stock bringing the web back to the blind we have a blind developer at instructure who's

on my team he's actually a front-end engineer and pretty much everything that we write has to go through him and make sure that it's accessible and I talked to him about what it was like with the web showing up and progressing as it has especially

where JavaScript has gotten more and more complicated so the web in the beginning was very simple in fact a lot of people just use the links browser and would browse the web that way and it was great and all of the information that we all have access to was

available to the blind as well as those who are cited but as our JavaScript interfaces got worse and worse more and more websites started to get harder and harder to use then there was a really dark period in the middle where flash was all over the place and

absolutely nothing was visible pretty much to blind users and we're kind of headed back to that again with all of these JavaScript interfaces so please join me in bringing the web back to the blind what does the word accessible main able to be easily obtained

or used read a study where blind young people took up to 11 minutes to find out the following days weather forecast voiceover on safari google window searchsearch tax field has keyboard focus entering search landmark search search text field google search

button on feeling lucky button leaving search landmark times clickable times are we doing man currently on a text element inside of HTML content okay searchsearch text field so yu ting we're not doing math right that's google's close button don't

do that field in sorry hmda th ER weather all right i'm gonna search for the weather collapse menu papa link apps link sign in link st. patrick's day whether google search button web link news link maps link shopping link images menu more one item

more search tools button list one item collapse Papa button about 397 00 0000 results 0.24 seconds heading level 2 search results list 20 items salt lake city UT a 4 111 Monday 300 p.m. mostly cloudy undefined image 42 degrees f Ling degrees C precipitation

40 percent humidity for four percent wind one he dumped you each temperature precipitation wind for 243 3737 34 36 34 4 1 45 43 3937 34 36 37 485 554 for 845 4341 anybody know what he's talking about 57 57 4843 3737 for 150 5 25 24 6 37 37 39 for 3 50

55 5 450 4 6 4 3 for 3 4 30 5 for the weather high five 750 4643 let me speed it up 576 p.m. not one to am clickable Oh lickable 6am clickable so all those numbers were four times in the month so if I get this magnet inside of a list voiceover off and I click

on these nothing Scrolls right and he's reading all these numbers for the next ten days last day so anyway there was a lot of stuff to hear before I could get to Tuesday's weather um let me bring this back in voiceover whether Google's aren't

HTML interact mr. Lin whether 98 1 2 T 3 p.m. when there we go chant mom clickable mun 3 tuesday oh he's got tuesday 3 wednesday click good Mon eyelashes honey mom come on uh so what's frustrating about this interface is that there's no way for

me to skip past text element inside of it lists boys don't broth there's no way for me to skip past all that garbage and get to some UI that's probably more important than a list of numbers that make no sense to a screen reader so we can tell that

even Google is not the best at this at least not with that interface a little bit more information you guys probably you can read that in the UK more than a fifth of young married couples first met online a fifth of people who are married a quarter of jobs

are only advertise on online online and the average person spends way too much time on Facebook in stark contrast nearly 40-percent of disabled people have never used the Internet accounting for half of all the people who have never been online can you imagine

trying to get a job if the job website is like that Google weather thing by not having accessible websites we are totally making people's lives harder than they already are so let's make some accessible websites and make people's lives a little

bit better sometimes it's easy to say well only three percent or not three percent only some like tiny percentage of people are blind that use our website so it doesn't make sense for us to work on it you've got to remember that while that number

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