MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Introducción al framework Flight de Twitter

Kassandra Perch  · 


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so if you want to follow along there's a URL here that will lead to the slides so there is some code and again a link to the github page for that code so if you'd like to follow along while you guys are typing in that URL and I want to tell you my

Mountain West Gia's story that happened this morning um I mentioned at dinner that I've never seen snow i was born in phoenix and raised in austin so I've never seen anything more than like sleet about that thick well this morning Ryan Florence

was pinging me on Twitter he's like where are you sitting and all of a sudden he shows up with a bag of snow okay I've had that big piece of snow so I got to like run it through my fingers and it's definitely weird but um yeah that's my Mountain

West yes oh sorry is I got to see my first bit of snow thank you in yeah so let me put this into presentation mode and we'll get started all right close enough so um you should be using flights and I know what you're going to say first is what is it

and don't worry about the text being unreadable it's kind of unreadable for a reason the first sentence of flight JSE's website says it's a framework and that's usually where people stop listening to me they kind of glaze over and the reason

for that is there already a fan of some other framework like react or angular or a lot of ember fans I've noticed here at this conference and I think and um oh what the heck just happened huh all right let's try that again all right so heads up these

next few slides show my opinion and you're gonna want to argue with me and that's fine just not right now find me later and we will I would gladly discuss things with you um I think a lot of frameworks are shoehorned into situations in which they are

not meant to be used I've noticed a lot of people using frameworks where maybe framework isn't exactly necessary and I've even met some flight fans who use flight where it shouldn't be used and I think this is indicative of a larger problem

and that's that we have a serious fanaticism problem with frameworks in JavaScript we we tend to be dedicated fans of one framework and we think in terms of that framework and I really don't think that's healthy I think we shouldn't be asking

how can I use ember for this how can I use angular how can i use flight for this I think we should be asking how does this tool make my j/s better and I've actually been asked several times since I got to this conference how is flight like this how is

flight like that I don't think that's the right question I think is it's how can flight make my j/s better which I'm going to talk about so obviously that statement I'm going to get a lot of argument about that and that's fine I would

gladly talk to you later this evening i'll pick a place and stick there and yeah so now we've gotten that all the way again with the fading out of the slides it's a new feature so the definition of the word framework is an essential structure like

an essential set of tools essential thing to a building or a structure and I think a lot of frameworks today do more than that which is awesome doing me wrong they do a lot of really cool things but flight is a framework in that sense of the word it is a very

small set of tools it does not do a lot of magic for you it just it's very onion opinionated in most parts it does not prescribe an MV star it does not prescribe and any form of Technology back onto a front end it just it just has a jQuery dependency really

that's that's the only opinion has in terms of what tech you use and it's remarkably lightweight it's 5k gzipped again it does require jquery but i don't think that's that outlandish of a requirement in today's web development world

like I said flights not overly prescriptive at all it is not an MV star framework it's not just for single page apps it's not just for hyper interactive clients whatever that means um it's it does play well with other libraries and I'll explain

this super complicated very much into tailed plan to integrate flight into your current code and what it does give you is the way it is the ways to structure your code to write better JavaScript applications and how you use it is more up to you it's just

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