MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Hacking de hardware para programadores JavaScript

Jamison Dance  · 


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today we're going to talk about hardware hacking for jas developers I hope you learned two things from this talk oh oh my intro I'm Jerguson on Twitter I do a podcast called Jess jabber with Chuck who's sitting right there my work at ITV I discovered

that I was getting a lot of recruiter spam so I actually changed my job title to his illustrious Majesty grand Vista Roy of code and then since then no recruiter spam at all so Stanley was telling the truth that is my title at work so two things I hope you

learned today one is that I am a serious artist with serious art skills as you'll see and the other one is that you guys all have magical powers so in the last several years the barriers of entry to doing things with Hardware have just dropped to the floor

the fact that you know how to do software means you don't really need to know anything about hardware you can just do amazing things by the virtue the fact that you know software so we're going to talk about some of the magic powers here's the

the sum total of all knowledge about hardware that big blob and the little red dot is all the things you know to build cool stuff which is not very much so talk about all you need to know this is all you need to know so the plus 5 V means that current comes

out of some source this little can you see my mouse yeah who needs a laser pointer this little thing means there's a switch so this circuit is disconnected right now but you can close this switch to make current flow from here it flows through this triangle

thing which is a diode it'll be an LED and all our stuff and then it flows to ground so current flows from power maybe throw a switch if you connect it it then goes through here through this diode to ground that's that's it now you know all that

I know about hardware aren't you excited for this talk now ok so the magic spell number one we're going to talk about is how you can take physical input from the real world and send it to your computer and maybe the cloud I don't know stuff like

that so to do that we're going to talk about a library called Johnny 5 Johnny 5 is a node library that is written to help you communicate through a USB drive or USB port to a hardware device and I'll show a little bit of code and a small demo example

of how you can do stuff with it and then we'll get into a little bit more intense example pay no attention to my Twitter below all right can everybody see this is this big enough is this right enough okay then also will do that ok so we require Johnny

Five it's just a library we require we create a new board object and that just initializes the board and then it gives a call back it's kind of like a jquery ish abstraction over hardware so that you deal with these high-level concepts like callbacks

and events instead of dealing with like reading ones and zeros and stuff so when the board is ready we'll call this board ready function I think I have this other one down here this is not I just gave away my my talk that wasn't supposed to be come

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