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Desarrollando un detector de movimientos con una cámara, el canvas de HTML5 y JavaScript

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alright okay after that I'd like to introduce Wynn see Rufus Wynn see Rufus actually he adds the e-commerce and usability practices division that Nev technologies and he's been helping and building teams build applications for about 12 12 years now

for about 12 years and he's actually he actually started his career being a building flash games and other rich Internet applications then he decided it's too many cents for one person so he's moved on to JavaScript I guess he's passionate

about front-end tech and usability and loves dabbling in html5 css3 and JavaScript he enjoys conducting workshops and speaking on topics related to fronting technologies what he is going to talk about right now is motion detection in JavaScript or gesture

based interaction no plugins involved take it away when see all yours Houston do you copy Houston do you copy V can you tell me better now okay yeah so don't beat all the crap that he just said so I'm going to talk about motion detection and trying

to see how we can do that with gesture based animation and when I say gestures that's not about your swipes your pinches your zooms that's about standing about two or three feet away from your computer or your application and you know doing something

and continue controlling your application to that and probably hopefully that's interesting so before I get into that an evolution how you have been interacting with computing devices you obviously start off with your keyboards right so there was a time

when you only used keyboard to interact with a computer and then you move on to your mouse so you had a mouse now click on the mouse you had a Jew I click on it and you pass commands and then the Apple guys came in and your applique said hey what you can now

swipe you can swipe you can pinch you can zoom on your screen and that passes commands great so that was kind of an introduction to gestures after Apple or Samsung guys came in said hey guys don't need to touch you just move your hand on top of it and

things happen great your Micromax probably guy came in the Micromax came in and they said no touch no hand over the device you blow into the device things happen right so people are really hooked on to gestures and I think two classic examples your Xbox Kinect

awesome things like people are going crazy playing with that you spend hours playing with it because you don't need anything you just move your hands legs things work your Smart TVs man Samsung Smart TV you don't have to run around hunting for a remote

it's another couch move your hand control the application gestures are really really coming in and if you look at gestures as such at the end of the day it's all about motion detection right I do something there's a motion happening there something

detects that motion and that fires some come on so ultimately a most gesture based interactions boil down to motion detection and you're probably wondering who's this guy talking about gestures cameras motion detection and you're at a GS 4 conference

so most probably you're going to be walking either with flash HTML or JavaScript or flash and flex were really great earlier you could do a lot of stuff with that unfortunately that got killed by somebody so you're stuck with HTML CSS and JavaScript

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