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Controlando un robot con la API de audio de HTML5

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the jays who becomes a platform for the young guns so to speak this is a maya carvings come all the way from iit madras he's an iit and so whatever give it up for him yeah he's out he loves javascript he keeps putting stuff on github keeps putting

stuff up on github and he has a cool project that kind of kind of filled yesterday know like the actual project but you have a video of a thing which is totally fine so go for it amia the stage is all yours here it's another robot ah alright so before

i begin yeah it was a hack it's i wouldn't call it anywhere close to a near product and it actually failed yesterday half of my circuit is done but i will try to compensate it to the real video to make up for it so okay the idea so the premise is that

you know robotics in javascript is like really coming up we saw a couple of very nice ones recently I went the quadcopter that was like really awesome that would do flips and whatever so the premise again behind building this was what if I could have a robo

except it's controlled from my mobile phone or from my computer or from a browser for that matter so it doesn't need to be any specific device I could literally plug my device in and control the thing so if you look at your you know typical devices

say a mobile phone for that matter or a computer now any Robo it will have you know some inputs coming in some data exchanges and then there is the output now the only tangible outputs I have are the screen data which is more or less useless and in a lot of

them we have the sound output so the idea was that if I can somehow use the sound signal and control a bunch of motors with it so and that would be really cool i just plugged my device into my headphone jack and i am able to run you know a bunch of motors

and do things with it so i'll begin so robo control with you html5 Web Audio API this is me I am studying at IIT Madras right now i will graduate this summer that's my email address my twitter handle if you want to get in touch so the overview so what

was at least intended to be designed was a robo the robo consisted of a device that has a browser with html5 support so that could have been my ipad ipod the phone Mike turning my computer if my Robo is big enough ah the phone had and you know the audio cable

which connected to a very minimal circuit that I made that I could use to actuate the motors in the sense you know servos and so on now this is TM l phi device i meant assuming it has internet connectivity i have a Wi-Fi network or 2g 3g 4g so on so this guy

is connected with an orgy a server you can make it real time if you need to if your motor that sensitive enough you can use something socket i/o and then i can have a lot of controllers really connected to the node server and controlling what the robot does

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