JSConf 2014

Somos humanos (además de programadores)

Brian J Brennan  · 


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as I talk to you this afternoon I want you to think about something that you're passionate about and that you're willing to share with other people that's unrelated to programming here's my example I'm Brian Brennan and I'm really passionate

about music in fact Alex kind of embarrassed me because that last track was my band over the past 10 years I've learned that playing music is is something that's really important to my well-being I play into bands and all of my free time that's

not dedicated to programming community building I dedicate to practicing and playing gigs so I want to tell you a story about my first jazz comp I it was 2011 it was Portland I showed up I was traveling alone I had just started Mozilla and I didn't really

know anyone so I was just going by myself and I was really shy and I was anxious because I was just super intimidated by all the awesome people that were there like I there were people that I followed on Twitter there were people who's like videos I had

seen giving talks at previous jazz comps and I was I was just super intimidating it was intimidating for me because I didn't know how I was gonna fit in I hadn't thought of myself as having done anything particularly noteworthy noteworthy so I just

didn't know I didn't know if I really belonged so I was walking around the edge of the room trying to be invisible and Paul Irish spotted me and somehow recognized me from the internet and he introduced himself and invited me into his conversation

and I was just I just felt very welcome and I asked Paul if I could share that just really small tiny story and he barely remembered it because for him it wasn't a big deal at all but for me it was such an act of warmth and kindness at a time when I needed

it it made me feel welcome when I was anxious about having a place to fit in one thing kindness matters that's one of the reasons I wanted to share that story small actions matter in the right context even the smallest kindness can be deeply meaningful

to someone in ways that are unpredictable Paul didn't know I was gonna be telling that story here I asked him like a week ago it was just for him a throwaway action but for me something that really stuck with me also congratulations on your wedding Paul

wherever you are the other reason I wanted to share that is because I want us to start thinking about how we welcome people into our communities a lot of people approach communities in the same way that I walked into that conference shy and worried about fitting

in and anxious most new people go in and they try to stay invisible they follow us on Twitter they join our mailing list they hang out in IRC channels but they don't interact with us and we have a word for that it's called lurking and it's a great

strategy I've lurked on the edges of all of the communities that I've joined before deciding that that's a place where I could see myself fitting in and I think we all have a job to convert these workers into contributors eventually we hope that

we can conscient turn them into contributors collaborators and possibly even friends and to do that we need to remember to be patient and kind when the lurkers of our community the people standing around the outside try to make that first step we were all

novices once and we need to remember what it was like when we were new and when we needed help and that can be an incredibly hard thing to do because when you think about the same thing all the time on a regular basis when you're so entrenched in your

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