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Seguimiento de satélites en tiempo real mediante JavaScript

David Calhoun  · 


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yeah so my name is David Calhoun as you can read my talk is real-time satellite tracking in the browser and not real time in the sense as a last talk but real time is that in that it's updating and you can get the current location but not like the two-way

you know nice data binding as described in the last time but it's cool stuff I'm doing some basic JavaScript I'm not doing anything with emoji or anything like that so as people walk out the doors and so started disappoint you but yeah I work at

a place called skybox imaging and they wanted me to show you this fancy slide with a bunch of numbers and dollar signs and stuff I just wanted to say like yeah we launched a satellite last year which is pretty cool a microsatellite and we're in a launch

one soon this year that's all I want to say so skip it okay so as for products we sell some cool stuff we call these sky nodes on the very left side and we sell that to customers who you know are interested in talking directly to our satellites and actually

processing images on server racks that they actually own and control pretty cool so and we saw the imagery and video and of course we have like an analytics component of all of that it's cool we have the right and mountain to view we have a clean room

where we constructed the satellites one of those is in space know which is pretty crazy to think about pretty smart people work in there and as just a front end or UI engineer I tend to think like at places like this I'm overwhelmed by the amount of intelligence

in the room but I'm also overwhelmed at sky box because we have basically like rocket scientists and they talk about words I've never heard before and have to go look them up and everything so it's very very humbling very educational experience

we have this mission operation center which is right in Mountain View to and the screen in the very back of the room actually I helped develop that when I first joined skybox it's a telemetry dashboard so it's pretty awesome to see them actually using

that to to monitor communications with the satellite as it makes it past about every 90 minutes yeah and here's some cool stuff like color infrared and then we have this which is where is it it's a little bit of a special slide there goes so that's

actually not an image that's actually a video of the tallest building in the world as a plane flies by in the front so that's pretty amazing and that's real parallax there it's not parallax scrolling or anything like that so i have to say these

corny jokes and i have to say we're hiring so but i don't want to take too much time Zanna but as a UI engineer I get to work on cool stuff so I won't spend too much time doing this I already mentioned the telemetry dashboard some of these are

mapped based so it's actually quite useful to understand some of the orbital adji and the orbital mechanics mechanics concepts behind the scenes even if I don't fully understand the math which I don't I could actually I could get the words and

get the terminology and just to understand that is a huge leap so we'll see a little bit of those concepts in this but nothing too crazy no heavy math so my goal is like to actually like present something that everyone will be able to understand and build

and yeah I gave a link to the to the to the talk actually online so do a search for Jas conf yeah and one of mine will be on the top live upload the slides I've also uploaded like step-by-step so you can actually take this home and and do it yourself nothing

too crazy going on so I just want to step backwards literally for like 50 years actually over 50 years ago so you're standing in your backyard enjoying the dark black sky the night sky um that's supposed to happen that's okay you know it's

very early in the morning or late at night and you tune your ham radio into the right frequency and you know you look up and you see this thing going across the sky and you hear this do I have audio oh I don't know if we can all hear this but you hear

this strange sound I should have checked the audio first anyway it's this telemetry signal for something strange out there what the heck is that its 19th years 1957 who knows the name of what it is Sputnik exactly so this guy this little unimpressive guy

and that's his only job to send that telemetry signal out and from the comfort of your own backyard in America or wherever you are you can see this soviet-built satellite go up across you can see this and potentially it can see you it doesn't have

any optics or anything in the middle of the Cold War freaky as hell like this you know this thing that could be an ICBM it could have some nuclear payload is going right right over your backyard literally so it's somehow you know it's like all of a

sudden suddenly becomes quite important to know like what is this thing and can I actually track where it's going to be tomorrow and the next day where is it where is it going to orbit over that suddenly becomes important and it becomes early front-page

news so if you want to know if you want to keep up today this is your main source as an amateur you know person who has interest in this and actually back then everyone who hadn't had an interest in this because it's quite important and you get this

one orbit track line it shows you okay there's the satellite but that's not quite hopeful it's like okay at one point in time sometime yesterday or something like that there's where the satellite was well where is it right now you know isn't

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