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Reproduciendo DVD con código JavaScript

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hi so yeah I going to give a talk entitled playing DVD in JavaScript for the sake of interoperability so just a word by myself so my name is Guillaume i'm i'm french but i'm living in in london i'm working at mozilla on firefox OS but actually

this talk is about personal project is not related in any way to my work at mozilla so let's I going to tell you a little bit a little bit more about myself so I really love dvds i have some dvds so this is a picture of the main my collection so most of

it is made of Japanese animation and and also I i use google play music and I've noticed that since i started using will play music that is to encode my CDs and and and and oppose them to to play music I've noticed that I listening to my cities more

often that I used to when they were just the CDs so and and and also i love javascript so VI d was using javascript I going to combine my passion for DVDs to make something but sees very similar to google play music but but would that would use dvds instead

of off CD so what I want is basically I want to service but will that would stream my DVDs from the cloud down to my mobile and eventually and and hopefully done to my yet don't my mobile so so what I can enjoy my DVDs when I'm undergo so but why would

I do that because obviously there are services like Netflix but the main problem is I don't want to use metric because we offer is too mainstream for me and I have nothing very interesting for me there and in this case why don't you just rip the video

and put it somewhere and the problem is dvds is more than than just video dvds us a kind of multiple video and audio tracks you can have menu and interactivity you can build games and karaoke and quizzes so what I want is I want this all experience my brother

so not just the video so this talk is about how i implemented this in JavaScript and and also what type of issue I I faced during this implementation so first of all I'm going to just give you another view of the DVD so yeah as you know now before on DVDs

10 for versatile not video so the DVD is it just a format and the DVD video is a specific application that uses that format so and during this talk when I when I when I say dvds i will be obviously referring to a DVD video so the specs so the problem has a

problem with respects of a DVD so it's a document you have to pay a huge amount of money to to have access to and also you have to sign an NDA so if i add that look if i add a look at the official specs I wouldn't be able to give that talk because

I would have signed this NDA and wouldn't be able to talk about it but fortunately respect has been reverse-engineered from actual discs and there are open source libraries but and execute execute DVDs okay now so if you if you open the DVD on your computer

you'll notice that there are two folders one called audio underscore TS which is optional and most of the time is is empty and the other one is called video TS and the one we're going to look inside so if you open this this folder you'll notice

there are two different types of file we are info files whose extension is I for or bub that stands for backup and we are verb files so we I for files they contains over the logic for the playback we contain the menu and and the chapters all the languages

available and and and all that stuff Reverb file vote files on the other hand they contain the video and vo do they also have subtitles and bedded into and we also contain the menu and the position of a button and all that stuff and on on top of that there

is a virtual machine that takes care of all the interactivity of a DVD so the vm is as 16 registered so it's very similar to two variables you can set them get the value you can compare different registers it has 24 system parameter register we are like

built-in variable that contain very specific information about the language currently selected the region of the DVD active button were parental leave all and all that stuff and it has 36 comments / commands allow you to jump to a specific chapter or select

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