JSConf 2014

Optimizando el código JavaScript mediante el filtrado de los datos de entrada

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hi everybody how's it going I am so excited to be here um see old friends new friends I've met today and future friends on the beach I almost got well I did get emotional on the CSS comp stage I promise I'm not gonna like cry or anything like that

because I'm I actually have something really serious to talk about and that's sorting all day yesterday people would come up to me and they're like what are you gonna talk about it is comfy it's like literally in the schedule and I don't

I don't lie on schedules I don't lie ever but I'm so sorting sorting is something that I love to talk about I love sorting algorithms it's something I studied a lot and so I'm really happy to be here at my first days comm talk talking to

you about this dynamic and exciting subject and it's something that I've been doing my entire life even before I became a programmer because yeah I'm a programmer I'm going that out there I used to sort my my Lego collection by colors and form

factor oh the irony I collected trolls and I sorted them by like hair color and outfits and stuff like that money we all sort money this is my real money we sort our family members by how much money they give us during our eighth grade graduation that's

not my real family and arrays get it arrays oh I'm sorry I'm sorry so arrays are something that we most commonly use how many people here have never dealt with an array in their JavaScript programming so arrays everyone goes to Anton and ask him about

Jay s hints later on after the show so arrays are the most popular data structure in computer science and you might be thinking that like most things that I say I've made it up on the fly but it's true and I did a lot of research after lunch today

and if you see on brainy quote which is a site with quotes on it you search array there are quite a few quotes that are literally about arrays there's two whole pages of them and two might seem like a small number but if you search another data structure

on fond of linked lists there are no results for that so like nobody cares about linked lists and even stranger than that since linked lists are pretty prominent is that like on this page M&M is considered a popular author which i think is a pretty funny

but you're not here to write here to talk about M&M you're not here to see M&M you're here to see me so my name is Jennifer and I am finally okay to admit that I am a JavaScript developer wait list off my shoulders um I am an open web engineer

at boku I work with Adam and a bunch of other cool people that are here today and we do a lot of open source development work in the community consulting and education and education is really important to me and I really do enjoy bringing new topics and getting

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