JSConf 2014

Open Web Art: arte colaborativo mediante JavaScript

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so I'm my full name is coven they busy you call me coven easiest way to remember k with an oven and for the last few years I've been making interactive and public art and more recently I've been thinking about how to bring the internet into that

so how to make works for a wider public and it's really exciting for me to be here right now because the JavaScript community has been a big influence in the values i have in making this work especially in like the emphasis of building openly and collaboratively

and so i tweeted out some links for some of the demos and later on we'll try them out maybe they'll work maybe they want but either way we'll have some fun so a little bit about myself I work at a company called in bed Lee I'm coming down for

Boston and what we do is it's an API for embedding media so people use it in their apps or websites to create medium a ship's or expressive media stuff open sources tool recently player JS for working with movie players or sound players a few years

ago I began a public art group called new American public art with a few collaborators and whatever we make it must follow to principles one its interactive so whatever we make must respond to you and to its public if you go to the peace you must be able to

see it or engage with it for free you know you shouldn't have to pay anything for it and we we did this because we realize that there's a huge opportunity in cities and public spaces for this kind of work to create a platform for conversation or just

to have fun and meet new people and just more citizen engagement I want to tell you about this group the austin foundation recently I've been participating in and it's because yesterday a lot of you made some pretty awesome projects what they do is

there's several chapters all around the states and once a month many of them give thousand-dollar grants so if you need some funding for materials send your project idea to them and then maybe you'll get funded it's not only like open tech projects

but just you know various art projects or socially or socially conscious projects or maybe business prototypes so on making interactive and collaborative art traditionally like when we think of traditional art we think about going to a gallery and seeing a

painting and we take a picture of it but we we draw meaning from it we could talk about it with interactive art it's more of a two-way street so here's a piece by Daniel Rosen which i think is really interesting there's a camera on it and a whole

lattice of motors and they move they move these little objects that are attached there to create what looks like a silhouette and we can zoom in a bit further so here's so I'm just moving around it gives you like a little you get a dialogue with the

piece you can explore it a little bit and when you look closer it's all these bits of trash moving around this is really strange but it's something that's that's a bit curious you can explore it a little bit and I think that's interesting

so we move to another piece set that I find really interesting is by design i oh not only is this interactive but you could do it with groups of people here people are moving around and stuff and you realize they're controlling these animations and i love

that that here you have the space of play and you're you're you you can go with somebody you know or somebody you've never met before and all of a sudden like everything's a bit more whimsical and silly and fun oh do it later um such as I know

uh you guys remember that beach ball what what was going on like couple nights ago like we could have gone for hours oh that's not an art piece but like I drew so I just loved it so much I was entertainment what was going on the boundaries of that were

really permeable you could join it you could leave it like whenever you wanted but there was a lot of smiling and laughing and I thought that was really beautiful whenever I make a piece that's what I want to get to somehow so I'm going to talk about

a couple installations that I've done and then I'll move more into the internet based stuff the first one plays with the metaphor of a dinner table that you can get a gather around and you know have a conversation and Lego something that you can use

to build construct together or alone in this case our dinner table was this giant beach ball we covered in fiberglass and magnets and our Legos were little metal pieces and we took it to a festival and we told people we've discovered this strange planet

with these strong magnetic properties and we need their help to build civilizations and some people jump right into it some people didn't but then you know soon they wanted to well it was cool to see how this this could become like like a sandbox this

could become a world to explore someone brought a Godzilla and put magnets on its feet that could live on the planet and destroy some of the buildings you would see things other people made maybe you want to copy it maybe you'd want to add to it you could

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