JSConf 2014

Mejorando el flujo de trabajo del frontend con Grunt, Gulp y npm

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my talk for today is front end up sterling I'm nikka you can find me on to your ass and such gb i posted the slides online for you to see I'm be back when did have and i have a blog at and panning for calm i'm also writing a book it's called

a javascript application design all right about processes how to write modular applications there are testable and it comes with a lot of code samples that are fully documented you can look at here's the disc and God if you're interested just go to

that URL and check out with it so for today's talk I'm going to talk about the reasons to build and the development flow I'm going to talk about how to put together a development flow that works for you and which tools you could use and I'm

going to talk about the different kind of tasks that you can perform with those tools also i'm going to talk about molarity and in particular and when they talk about had to bring molarity into the browser so the first question I have is why build and

more importantly why build first rather than somewhere down the line and the reasons for these are process productivity and performance process really means that you are able to automate animation really is all about reducing and eliminating repetitive work

and it also means it also helps you to reduce human for instance if you go to that link you'll find the story about the company who work on the stock exchange and they had one guy doing deployments on nine different boxes and he did it by hand on each

one of those and they also had coding production that was ten year old and they didn't use it and it was shot serum behind a flag and they pushed some new code to eight of those nine instances because he just forgot one and and he he forgot to reply to

that one and the issue was that the new code was behind this old flag that they just changed to do something else but in the ninth box it still did the same thing and so they started losing money because they were they were making batter requests and and they

tried to figure out what the issue was Anna and they thought it was in the new in the new code so they started rolling that back and they started losing more and more money and they went bankrupt in like 30 minutes they lost half a billion dollars so like

I said you're reduces human or any eliminates repetitive work animation is also productivity for you because if you are automating you are able to do continuously development for example whenever a file changes you run your tests again or your build again

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