Joomla! and Beyond 2013

Simplificando la administración de Joomla! con JSN

Maurice Lehr  · 


Extracto de la transcripción automática del vídeo realizada por YouTube.

good evening of good evening good afternoon everybody and my name is Maurice lair and today i will do a presentation about jesus and power admin an admin tool and yeah it makes working in yuma very easy at least that is what i experienced em before i start

showing you what this tool can do for is do it on with some slides and done on the computer i want to tell you a little bit about my personal history personal story why I'm I today presenting this tool to you it starts with tennis seems a little bit strange

maybe but a little bit over a year ago I was a guy who's playing tennis almost every day was playing matches i was playing in tournaments i was playing in the dutch competition and all of a sudden after a long match i had a severe injury at my right shoulder

but i thought i could play with my left hand as well so i started playing with my left hand but guess what three week three weeks later had the same problem at my left shoulder to shoulder doctor said number 10 is this year and probably not the next year's

well maybe you can imagine after playing tennis for 45 years that made me sad it may be bad frustrated but what was even worse when I realized working behind the computer is getting almost impossible how am I going to do my work so I start searching for tools

and instruments to alleviate my computer work and the first thing I found that really helped me was dragging maybe one of you knows dragon dragon is speech recognition software you know it a free is great I just talked to the computer and the computer right

sit down I don't have to type anymore so that really alleviates my shoulders and even I can tell the computer open firefox open google grown but there was one thing I could not tell the computer to do and that's build me a web site start adding in

an article in Yuma or do something you know that dragon cannot do so I start searching again if there a way to make working Yuma to make it easier cuz you mwah my experience is it's a lot of scrolling and searching and clicking and browsing then a pure

luck i stumbledupon gsm power up men and with gsm pirate men i noticed i have to scroll and click and much less maybe half of the time one-third of the time so nowadays i can build websites websites all very long but at least I managed partly because of this

it is gsm / ratman so when joomlashine was looking for somebody to do a presentation on GM beyond about this subject i said right away well let me do it I like to do it so that's why I'm standing here in front of you and I want to share this tool with

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